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Winning in the New Era of Digital Retail: Reimagining Data Architectures

The retail sector is evolving at a faster pace than ever before as companies adopt more digital solutions and embrace new ways to create and deliver value.
But these changes are also putting many retailers under significant pressure as they struggle to adapt their IT architectures. Challenges include fragmented architectures burdened by technical debt, which constrains business performance, along with ever-increasing data gravity.

Scale your Digital Retail Business by Optimising Data Exchange

Winning in today’s data-driven business landscape starts with implementing a business platform that can operate ubiquitously and on-demand, and augment workflows with real-time intelligence. Retailers also need a platform that can serve customers, partners and employees across all channels, in all business functions and points of business presence.

Our expert solution architects have created a Design Guide that enables retailers to achieve all these outcomes. It outlines how to re-architect and implement a decentralised infrastructure which:

  • removes data gravity barriers
  • accommodates distributed workflows
  • solves global coverage, capacity and ecosystem connectivity
  • integrates the physical and virtual worlds within proximity of data exchange, interconnected to digital ecosystems and tailored to business needs.

Our guide also reveals how to combine this approach with our Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) methodology to optimise data exchange and create data exchange centres to scale your digital business.

We have created our Design Guide to complement the Optimising Retail Services Data Exchange Blueprint in our PDx™ content library.

Download your copy of our Design Guide now to discover how to help your organisation remove data gravity barriers, scale and secure data, and unlock its true growth potential.


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