Reduce your carbon footprint

100% of our energy is from renewable sources. We’ve pioneered energy-saving designs and harnessed everything from arctic winds to underground aquifers to the Baltic Sea to reduce our carbon footprint.


Energy is a fundamental component of the services we deliver to our customers. We are committed to managing our resources responsibly now and into the future and are constantly innovating to improve the way we design and operate our data centres. This means we are always looking for new ways to optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut waste.

Responsible Approach to Energy


As a leader in the European data centre industry, we strive to set an example of environmental responsibility. In addition to innovations in engineering and diligent operations for maximising energy efficiency, Interxion supports and consumes energy from sustainable and low carbon sources to the greatest practical extent in our markets of operation.

A large proportion of our power comes from sustainable sources, including water, solar and wind.

The Energy Strategy Group

Our Energy Strategy Group is an internal function dedicated to developing, implementing and governing the energy strategy for Interxion. With participation and support from senior management, the group’s areas of focus include

  • Intelligent energy buying
  • Continually improving our energy efficiency and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Establishing the value of energy as a core service to our customers
The Energy Strategy Group