Trend Predictions 2013 – Connectivity

By Mike Hollands, Director Of Marketing and Business Development, Connectivity Segment, Interxion


28 February 2013

By: Mike Hollands

Network service providers and ISPs are uniquely positioned to respond to the unprecedented change seen in the world of IT in recent years. Competition from OTT operators, increased consumer mobility, Cloud applications and the management of large data sets have all had their part to play and 2013 will be no exception. Our Director of Marketing and Business Development for Connectivity, Mike Hollands, gave his three predictions for the year ahead:

Video data will drive traffic. Mobile network operators will see a surge in mobile data traffic driven predominantly by video on smartphone devices.  This will see them adding new infrastructure locations to cope with demand and to enhance network redundancy.

Smaller telcos will migrate to virtual PoPs. Price reductions in international capacity prices across Europe will change the economics of network expansion.  Smaller telcos will start to close physical PoPs to save on colocation costs and instead have virtual PoPs, utilising lower-cost international links.

Complex managed services will improve. Carriers will increasingly look to resell colocation space as part of more complex managed services solutions and get more competent at delivering these services.

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