Carry on campus: why not all data centres are created equal

You’ve decided colocation is the best-fit for your business, but equally essential decisions still lie ahead. Selecting where and how to manage your data is one of the most important IT choices you’ll ever make. The right decision will fast-track innovation and growth, while the wrong one can hamstring your operations for years to come.

Whether you’re an established multi-national, or a start-up looking to expand rapidly around the world, your colocation hub will become the beating heart of your organisation. As the nexus for all the connectivity, processing and storage underpinning business in the digital age, your data centre must not only support your organisation, it must accelerate its success.

It’s important to remember then, that not all colocation facilities are created equal. There are marked differences between retail, wholesale and carrier-owned colocation, which can have a huge impact on long-term business success.

A host of options

You need a data centre that will give you an edge over competitors. The key to achieving this is maximising your options. Look for a colocation partner that offers the greatest possible connectivity choices and that can tailor services to suit your specific needs.

Typically, retail colocation offers the greatest carrier diversity and interconnection options - with a multitude of big name networks, cloud platforms, service providers and suppliers all sharing the same facility. This diversity means customers can make informed investments in private interconnections that further all manner of business goals, from enhancing service performance for end-users, to improving security or driving cost-efficiencies.

A host of different exchanges, ISVs and service providers should all be rubbing shoulders inside any retail colocation facility worth its salt. Since the ideal technical foundation for collaboration is already in place, customers can then easily exchange data, solve problems and seek competitive advantage in new ways.

The biggest and best retail colocation providers will be carrier-neutral and should have a whole value chain of key players from every industry on-site. The same can’t be said of most stand-alone facilities, where customers may find themselves locked into just a single carrier and there are unlikely to be significant communities of interest.

Go on campus

Combining multiple data centres in a prime central London location, Interxion’s London Data Centre Campus takes these benefits even further. Strategically positioned between the Square Mile and Tech City, and with over 90 connectivity providers and eight major CDNs on-site, our customers can reach local and international markets in whatever way best suits their business.

Our thriving communities span every sector, from financial services to digital media. Customers can easily exchange ideas, data and services that drive differentiation and competitive advantage in today’s hypercompetitive digital marketplace.

Today, these communities are still growing fast. Interxion is currently expanding its London campus with a £30 million investment in a third data centre, LON3, that will add 1,800m2 of new space. Our growing and diverse customer base illustrates exactly why the campus data centre is, and will continue to be, a major centre of innovation: it’s a creative melting pot of ideas, communities and capabilities where anything becomes possible.

See how the broad mix of potential suppliers, partners and customers inside Interxion’s expanding London Data Centre Campus can accelerate your business success.