Building a thriving interconnected community

In a cloud-first business world, success relies on having the right relationships and being connected. Enterprises can’t afford to be locked into long-term technology deployments that can’t scale to their business objectives a year down the line. They need the flexibility to pick and choose from providers as and when it suits their specific requirements.

Open, carrier-neutral ecosystems and Communities of Interest are perfect for achieving this. They allow the freedom to select services and products as and when you want them – as opposed to systems that are closed, proprietary and that restrict movement.

Thriving communities

Innovative businesses require the freedom to choose a connectivity provider, with the knowledge that they’re able to switch and scale as their business needs evolve. The best way to do this is to join a thriving connectivity hub that harbours existing Communities of Interest.

Being part of these communities enables businesses to capitalise on direct connections to a range of pre-existing partners, suppliers and customers in the data centre, ensuring high-performance collaboration, low latency, connectivity and endless innovation opportunities.

At the heart of a revolution

Interxion’s expanding London data centre campus is home to thriving communities across the financial services, digital media and cloud sectors, among others. It is central London’s most densely connected data centre campus, positioned just a stone’s throw away from Square Mile, Silicon Roundabout and Tech City, and with access to facilities across Europe. This makes it the ideal location for any business that wants to securely house their data while rubbing shoulders with the digital elite.

This community puts businesses less than half a millisecond away from major stock exchanges, content delivery networks, broadcasters and financial service organisations. It also offers private access points to the world’s leading cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, which enable businesses to build and manage links to multiple clouds through a single, secure connection.

Home to more than 200 financial services organisations, 100 capital market participants, 90 connectivity providers and all the key data providers and ISVs, our London campus is one of the most established data centre communities in Europe. Gaining access to the right providers improves end user performance, reduces costs and boosts compliance.

Communities of Interest provide access to a vibrant marketplace that will help enterprises realise their connectivity goals and provide the flexibility required to succeed in today’s digital era. Joining one of our communities within the heart of our London data centre campus offers the proximity, performance and reliability that businesses crave.

Learn how your business can capitalise on thriving Communities on Interest at Interxion London here.