Interxion Optimising Enterprise Multicloud Strategy with IBM Cloud Services

By Mitesh Chauhan, Senior Product Manager for Cloud Services at Interxion

Cloud is the anchor of digital transformation. Due to its flexible, on-demand, usage-based qualities, it’s easy to understand why cloud adoption appeals to businesses looking to grow and achieve cost and performance efficiencies. The cloud’s agility enables enterprises to innovate around product development, customer experience and operations, enabling them to stay a step ahead of its competitors.

However, businesses that dived into the cloud world head first, are realising that no single cloud model fits the diverse requirements and workload needs across their various business units. And as more cloud platform options emerge, each addressing different use cases, 85 percent of enterprises are starting to embrace a multicloud strategy as part of their digital transformation approach.

Benefitting from a Multicloud Environment

Every major cloud platform has a range of data-related services. Some workloads run better on one platform while other workloads achieve higher performance and lower cost on another. By adopting a multicloud strategy, companies are able to choose best-in-class services from different cloud providers to create the best possible solution for their business.

At Interxion, we understand the impact a multicloud environment can have on a business. In effort to make it even simpler for enterprises to deploy multicloud strategies that work best for them, we’ve just announced IBM Cloud has been added to growing roster of cloud service providers that our customers across Europe can now access through Cloud Connect, our interconnection platform.

Interconnecting with IBM Cloud Services

Access to IBM Cloud Services is available via IBM Cloud Direct Link, a network service designed to secure and accelerate data transfer between private infrastructure and public cloud, which is now colocated in Interxion’s Frankfurt and Stockholm facilities. Cloud Connect, an SDN platform connecting Interxion facilities across Europe, simplifies access to IBM Cloud Direct Link through a single physical connection at any of Interxion’s data centres. And, with our fully integrated platform with IBM Cloud Direct Link, customers can provision the dedicated and private connections they need via our automated and self-service customer portal.

With a connectivity model that bypasses the public internet to access IBM Cloud, enterprises can leverage services that are aligned to support next-generation applications, including AI, IoT, machine learning and more that are driving their digital transformation. With Direct Link access from Interxion campuses across Europe through Cloud Connect, enterprises use IBM Cloud to maximise their data assets and generate additional business value.

Each company’s digital transformation will have its own requirements which will affect their multicloud strategy. A carrier-neutral colocation data centre like Interxion can be a great option for these enterprises, given the security, reliability and choice benefits they can provide. To learn more about how to get the most out of your multicloud strategy with IBM Cloud Services, click here.