LON3: the perfect home for your data

Location matters. It’s no coincidence that the world’s largest corporations house themselves in cities that offer the critical mass of human capital to meet their business demands.

By: Andrew Fray


As the move towards a cloud-first world gathers pace, the businesses best placed to capitalise on the cloud’s potential are those with the fastest and most secure access to the data they need, exactly when they need it. UK businesses that have opted to place their data centre operations in the outskirts of major cities have typically found a critical component missing from their cloud capabilities: connectivity.

As one of the most connected cities in the world, London offers unrivalled opportunities for businesses. Interxion’s London campus, in the heart of East London, is the gateway to a world of highly secure hyper connectivity and productivity.

In good company

The appeal of London lies in its sheer scale and plethora of opportunity. Home to 8.6 million people and close to a million businesses, including three quarters of the Fortune 500, London is a hive of commercial activity and a global business powerhouse.

Interxion's London data centre campus sits is in the midst of this activity. Strategically located between the square mile, the centre of global finance, and Tech City, the third largest technology startup cluster on the planet, it offers state-of-the-art colocation and interconnection services to the world’s most innovative business.

As central London’s most densely connected data centre, the campus houses more than 350 customers over 7,500sqm of equipped space. Colocating in such a central facility offers unparalleled access to Interxion’s established customer communities and services, along with enhanced ability to create new commercial relationships with complementary businesses across Interxion’s European and global network of connections.

A connectivity hub

Our latest data centre, LON3, sits centrally within the London data centre campus, a global hub for networks, peering exchanges and cloud providers. Home to over 90 connectivity providers, the campus offers the most diverse connectivity in the UK, accessible via a single cross-connect. It also provides direct, high performance connections to the public cloud with private gateways to leading cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle, from inside the colocation facility.

For businesses that rely on best-in-class connectivity and peering options, the facility actively encourages communities of interest that offer high-capacity and high-performance networks. This includes low-cost access to national and international peering nodes, including LINX, LONAP and BT, and on-site access to the top five global IP transit providers.

Among the range of sectors that rely on the campus for their data needs is the city’s connectivity hungry Financial Services industry. LON3 houses an established community of more than 200 financial market participants, over 100 capital markets participants and all key market data providers. In an industry where milliseconds matter, having low-latency, reliability and cable parity with other participants makes colocating at LON3 an attractive proposition.

It's not just the finance industry that requires a premium connectivity option. Companies operating in fields like digital media and AdTech are also attracted to the facility by low-latency access to the eight leading Content Delivery Networks present on Interxion's campus. Our content hub allows businesses fast, high bandwidth to aggregate and transport huge quantities of content across the network and to customers.

The connected business

The true potential of your data lies not in its existence, but in its ability to be deployed and transited for tangible business outcomes. Colocating at LON3 offers the range of connectivity options your business needs to link seamlessly with the customers, partners, suppliers, networks and cloud platforms you rely on. The resultant benefits of low-latency, reliability and outstanding application performance helps you find the data edge you need to excel in today’s hyper-connected world.

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