LON3: A bastion for thriving British business

An increasingly complex regulatory landscape and the impending impact of Brexit has brought a wave of uncertainty for the UK business landscape. But, as the old adage goes, through adversity comes strength and we are now seeing all manner of businesses thriving among the economic unpredictability.

By: Andrew Fray


As businesses find renewed confidence amid the hazy legislative backdrop they will require new connectivity and community opportunities if they are to thrive in a post-Brexit world. Our new data centre LON3, in the heart of East London, is a perfect example of how British business can continue its renaissance.

A regulatory minefield

Business leaders and entrepreneurs could be forgiven for looking at the ever-growing list of regulations affecting their industries with a sense of trepidation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now widely understood, but the regulatory landscape extends far beyond this for businesses across many industries. Financial services and banks, for example, must also comply with the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Basel III, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and many more.

This, combined with uncertainty around the economic impact of Brexit, has led many commentators to cast doubt over the future success of British businesses. Among them is London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who claimed that the UK could lose 500,000 jobs as well as nearly £50 billion in investment in his economic forecast back in January.

British business booms ahead of Brexit

While the political outcomes and economic impacts will be revealed in time, British business continues to flourish. A great example is Wayfindr, the brainchild of Florence Orban, which aims to guide visually impaired people around cities using Bluetooth signal-emitting beacons. It’s a life-changing innovation that’s already received $1 million in backing from Google’s philanthropic arm and was recently named the ITU’s definitive standard for audio wayfinding.

Equally innovative is What3Words, an initiative of entrepreneur Chris Sheldrick. What3Words aims to revolutionise postcodes with a global addressing system based on 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, each given a three-word name. For example, Waterloo Bridge is known as ‘Juror.shovels.rail.’ The initiative is particularly useful in developing countries and Mercedes Benz is even building the technology into its cars’ navigation systems.

The success of both of these projects and many more like them in the new digital age is reliant on a robust digital infrastructure that gives them the scale and certainty to take their business ideas to a global stage.

Enabling the digital future

As enterprises look to go cloud-first and embrace digital transformation, their success is reliant on ensuring the fastest, most secure access to data – which is crucial to serving a wide customer base and helping businesses meet regulatory requirements. Setting your business up in such a way to optimise cloud access requires a new approach to IT infrastructure. This is where colocation data centres can give digital businesses a significant edge.

Colocation offers a central hub that provides enterprises with the network connectivity and easy access to services that they need to deliver a seamless digital experience. Interxion’s London data centre campus, soon to be completed with its latest addition LON3, is the perfect home for the digital business, given its location at the heart of London’s financial and technology hubs, the Square Mile and Tech City.

But the real boon is what lies within the campus. Its 8,000+ sqm of equipped space offers unparalleled access to customer communities, along with opportunities to create new commercial relationships and build a global network of connections.

Housing your data at LON3 will offer the connectivity options required to help British businesses grow with the networks and cloud platforms they rely on while cultivating new partnerships with customers, partners and suppliers. Gaining the benefits of low latency, reliability and application performance will provide the data edge necessary for success in a volatile landscape.

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