Getting AI Right Requires a Powerful Infrastructure

By: Bryan Hill

Businesses are under a lot of pressure to get their AI strategies right. However, when it comes to implementing these initiatives, they still face a fundamental challenge: the technology and infrastructure required to support it are unique and complex.

Early AI adopters and innovators across the financial, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, media and entertainment, manufacturing and automotive industries have realized that AI technology requires an immense amount of processing power and the ability to transfer large amounts of data. As such, it’s become clear that the public cloud may not always be the ideal environment to deploy these applications due to latency and cost considerations. Further, they’re seeing that scaling and operating efficient AI deployments require high-density compute infrastructure and associated power and cooling capacities.

A successful Enterprise AI strategy and implementation is also highly dependent on connectivity. The ingestion and transport of data from Enterprise on-premise and ‘edge locations’ through to core processing across multiple public cloud providers, requires a secure and performant hybrid-cloud architecture.

As these businesses evolve their AI strategies, many are realizing that they do not have the right facilities to build the powerful, connected and highly-performant environments that are needed to support these accelerated computing operations. As a result, they’re turning to third-party colocation data centres for their AI applications and infrastructure.

In response to this trend, we are excited to announce that Interxion is partnering with NVIDIA on its DGX-Ready Data Centre Program in Europe.

NVIDIA DGX systems are the first solutions purpose-built for the unique demands of the AI enterprise, and enable the deployment of scalable AI infrastructure with revolutionary performance and effortless productivity for data scientists, developers and researchers. As an AI-ready colocation data centre partner for NVIDIA DGX systems, we can help organizations that are being held back by the challenges of facilities planning. This allows businesses to focus on gaining insights from and innovating with their data within our facilities.

With this certification, Interxion can offer businesses the perfect location to develop and scale their AI offerings. With advanced power and cooling technology as well as access to a thriving community of connectivity and cloud providers, Interxion can support customers that require facilities offering high-density, low-latency and scalable compute infrastructure to drive their AI initiatives forward.

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