How On-Demand Interconnection Services Drive Growth and Expansion

By Michael Rabinowitz, Director Marketing & Strategy, Connectivity for Interxion

As carriers and platforms today grow and evaluate expanding into new geographic locations, they often find themselves in a high-risk, high-reward situation. Entering a new market can give access to new customers and revenue, but to do so often requires significant investment. It’s therefore necessary to find ways to lower the costs of entering new markets.

Access to the local Internet Exchange in the remote location enables access to the networks in the new location. While leveraging Internet Exchanges for peering is a good first step – as it provides the ability to directly connect with carriers in that country – the ability to self-manage these services has traditionally been a challenge. To rectify this issue, Interxion has recently announced that it has partnered with global Internet Exchange leaders for on-demand peering through all of its data centres across Europe.

By leveraging Interxion for on-demand peering needs, carriers and platforms will be able to peer more effectively. Let’s explore some of the benefits:


The on-demand trend is pervasive, and it has finally hit the peering industry. In the past, it could take carriers and platforms as long as a month to provision interconnection services and get up and running. When they need interconnectivity immediately this can really stall new business opportunities.

With Interxion’s on-demand platform, connecting to enabled Internet Exchange points becomes fully automated. With this capability, Interxion’s remote peering can enable users of the service to start servicing new markets almost immediately, with greater efficiency, agility and service visibility through one single provider.


While many carriers and platforms are excited to explore new markets, Interxion understands that they don’t always want to go full speed ahead. For example, a company currently serving London, and looking to expand into Western Europe will need to consider the best market to target first and evaluate the new service provider landscape.

Interxion’s on-demand peering eases some of these challenges by not only taking a limited amount of time to automatically provision a private connection to the Internet Exchange when ordered. Furthermore, there are no long-term contracts, requiring large commitments. Bandwidth scaling is also automated and in much smaller increments to meet the current needs of any services. This allows carriers and platforms to test the water in new markets with a low commitment and scale up or down based on how the company grows.


Once a company decides that it wants to expand its business into new markets, Interxion’s on-demand peering allows it to take advantage of their investment in one city and explore multiple European markets without having to deploy expensive infrastructure to collocate in multiple places, and without the need for long-term contracts. This helps reduce the risk of moving into another city while also guaranteeing that efficient and effective service is being delivered.

Remote Peering via an Internet Exchange enables businesses to connect once to the Internet Exchange point and then arrange peering agreements with any of the other networks connected to it. The Internet Exchange point brings multiple peering networks together, enabling users to exchange traffic more quickly and at a lower cost, avoiding transit costs and maintaining greater control of traffic flows.

Interxion’s collaboration with the Internet Exchanges for on-demand peering leverages common standards and delivers frictionless services to the primary Internet Exchanges in Amsterdam (AMS-IX), Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and London (LINX) from any Interxion data centre, alongside access to cloud services. By partnering on this effort, Interxion’s data centres become a one-stop-shop for businesses to access colocation, cloud and peering services. This ensures an exceptional user experience as it enables them to offer services in many cities automatically, flexibly and cost effectively.

For more information about Interxion’s partnership with global Internet Exchange leaders for on-demand peering click here.