The three waves of Enterprise transformation

 Jelle Frank van der Zwet, Director Business Development, Interxion

27 January 2021

The growing popularity of multi-cloud and hybrid environments means that its complexity – especially of cloud networking and security – can prove challenging, particularly as they scramble to get their cloud implementation up and running quickly.  For many enterprises, their digital transformation – and journey to the cloud – will take place in three waves.

Enterprise Transformation

During the first wave, enterprises have made their first forays into cloud adoption, using SaaS solutions and IaaS workloads in a bid to shift their infrastructure spend from Capex to Opex. 

With most enterprises today in the process of migrating their core applications to the cloud, the majority are currently in the second wave, which is where key issues emerge. Moving applications to the cloud, for example, puts a heavy burden on an organisation’s network. What’s more, it means enterprise data centers can be left partially redundant – a situation that’s far from cost-effective.

The upcoming third wave of transformation is concentrated on the data – perhaps unsurprising given the growing volumes of data being generated across the globe. However, moving data to the cloud can be hard on an organisation’s network. There are significant cost implications, too, as taking data from the cloud can be expensive. For these reasons, as well as a need for greater speed, lower latency, and increased bandwidth, enterprises need to reconsider where best to collect, move, process, and store their data.

The new normal

As enterprises around the world move their business-critical workloads to the cloud, and with the volume and variety of data continuing to grow, traditional enterprise network architecture is becoming increasingly unsustainable. This leaves enterprises with an expensive and inefficient mix of connectivity and cloud connections.

Forced to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing needs of an unexpectedly distributed workforce, enterprises are transforming their traditional systems and processes, with many accelerating any transformation initiatives already being undertaken. As they do so, Enterprises will be increasingly looking to the cloud for the greater flexibility and scalability they need to keep business running smoothly.

To learn more about the common challenges faced by enterprises as they move through the waves of transformation and cloud adoption please download our white paper Building a network hub for a time of change.

It will introduce the concept of the networking edge as a means of addressing these challenges and how, by creating a ‘networking hub’ with Interxion’s services we can enable businesses to re-architect their networks to optimise their hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity.