Interxion Wins Data Centre Excellence Award for Second Year in a Row

Our Cloud Connect platform has recently won TMC’s infoTECH Spotlight Data Centre Excellence Award, recognising our dedication to innovation, cloud enablement and high performance connectivity.

Each year, the InfoTECH Spotlight Data Centre Excellence Award recognises the most innovative and enterprising data centre vendors who offer infrastructure or software, servers or cooling systems, cabling or management applications. According to TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, the five winners this year have “displayed commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the data centre industry.”

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies have grown in popularity in recent years, as companies look for ways to gain a competitive edge during digital transformation processes. Whether businesses take a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud approach, there’s one piece of the strategy that remains constant: When establishing connections to the cloud, it’s in their best interest to avoid the internet and its potential latency and security issues.

Instead, businesses can collocate in Interxion’s cloud and carrier-neutral data centres to leverage its Cloud Connect platform, which ensures predictable performance to their chosen cloud service providers, regardless of their particular cloud strategy. Cloud Connect makes it easy for businesses to connect to multiple cloud providers through a single physical connection point, without relying on the internet for connectivity.

More specifically, with Cloud Connect, businesses can establish a private, direct connection to all the major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, IBM Cloud Services, and Google Cloud Platform, through virtual LAN connections.

In bypassing the public internet altogether, Cloud Connect provides consistent, reliable high performance, allowing businesses to move critical data to the cloud without concerns around bandwidth and latency. Cloud Connect ensures optimum performance with SLA-backed connectivity and uptime, so companies aren’t held back by the internet’s inconsistent performance. And as needs and workloads shift, the platform offers the flexibility to scale connectivity without needing to provision additional physical connections.

Further, multi-cloud strategies bring new security challenges, as companies need to defend against potential threats and attacks, while maintaining ongoing, high-level security for all applications used in business. By safely connecting data directly into clouds, Cloud Connect provides companies with the peace of mind they need for cloud strategy security.

Managing multiple contracts to individual, separately managed private connections to cloud service providers is complex and incurs unnecessary expenses and network costs. It’s not only easy and simple to manage various cloud connections through Cloud Connect, but interconnecting to multiple clouds from a physical connection also helps companies reduce network costs.

At Interxion, we’re committed to providing the best service possible for our customers and partners, and we’re constantly innovating to achieve that goal. With the infoTECH Spotlight Data Centre Excellence Award in hand, we’re looking forward to building on the success of our Cloud Connect platform going forward.