AWS – Coming to a connected colocation data centre near you

Interxion; a Digital Realty Company validates data centers across 11 European markets for AWS Outposts deployments

Harm Joosse, Director Strategy & Business Development Cloud Platforms

In our previous blog post, we spoke about maintaining data compliance in a hybrid IT architecture and how deploying AWS Outposts on PlatformDIGITAL® can help solve Data Gravity challenges for global enterprises.

As businesses look to continue their cloud migration journey, the majority follow a hybrid cloud strategy (AWS: 71% of organisations opt for hybrid deployments), as hybrid IT allows organisations to combine the benefits of cloud and private data centre. 

However, when adopting a hybrid IT strategy – particularly in Europe where data sovereignty is a major consideration – businesses need to understand where their data is at any given time, especially with the implementation of regulatory constraints, including GDPR and data protection initiatives such as GAIA-X.

While deploying AWS Outposts helps to address these data residency-related concerns, as well as issues related to latency and edge data processing, let’s delve a little deeper to explore the benefits of deploying AWS Outposts in our colocation facilities.


The right location for the deployment of AWS Outposts

These evolving business requirements also apply to the physical location where AWS Outposts are deployed. From conventional enterprise workloads, to expanding hosted SaaS offerings, to highly distributed solutions such as online gaming where latency to metro markets is critical, fully managed AWS services running in Interxion colocation facilities can dramatically expand how enterprises view cloud adoption. Whether it’s the high-density racks capable of handling much higher computing power in smaller spaces, the availability of redundant, dedicated and high-bandwidth connectivity back to AWS regions (with Direct Connect PoPs colocated in most of our markets), physical security of the data hall, or access to an extensive community of connectivity providers and systems integrators offering value-added services beyond our infrastructure services, colocation facilities are purpose-build to satisfy these requirements.


Implications of AWS shared responsibility model for location choices

With AWS Outposts, customers are bringing AWS cloud services to their own data centre environment, which has important implications for the AWS shared responsibility model for security. The AWS shared responsibility model describes the security roles and responsibilities between AWS and the customer. As part of this model, AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud, however as AWS Outposts are deployed outside of AWS’s own data centres, customers are responsible for attesting to physical security and access controls around the AWS Outposts, as well as environmental requirements for their chosen facility.  By bringing AWS fully managed infrastructure and cloud services into purpose build and secure colocation data centres, businesses can accelerate their cloud adoption initiatives while remaining satisfied that security compliance is being maintained.


Interxion has validated data centres for AWS Outposts in 11 markets across Europe

Interxion; a Digital Realty company has worked with AWS to validate facilities across 11 European markets for AWS Outposts already, with more to follow. Validation ensures that businesses don’t need to spend unnecessary time worrying about cloud networking or operating and maintaining the data centres to AWS’ standards. This is what we do on a daily basis.

Interxion’s customers can count on our facilities having availability of redundant power and network connectivity, as well as robust physical security, rack support and cooling. This eliminates the need for a pre-install site assessment validation, meaning that customers can deploy AWS Outposts quickly and efficiently in any of the 11 locations across Europe and plug into a network of more than 280 data centres globally through PlatformDIGITAL®, Digital Realty’s global infrastructure solution.

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