Can Your Data Centre Help Future-Proof Your IT Strategy?

By: Seamus Matthews

If your enterprise is like most, you may sometimes feel as if your IT strategy is at its limit. You’re not alone. As tech leaders, we recognise the critical role IT plays in maintaining a competitive advantage and enabling growth. Yet, in spite of understanding its essential role, many are still struggling to meet new industry challenges and achieve organisational goals, based on their current IT strategies.

The complexity of hybrid cloud deployments is causing IT strategies to fail

Technology is changing at the speed of light, so IT as we knew it is already different. The world is mobile, data dependent, and demanding content and information 24/7 from any place on the globe. All these changes are giving way to market forces requiring us to continually revise, revamp and upgrade the way we work and tackle IT services:

  • Unique requirements from varied lines of business require more agile infrastructure
  • Network and data security, along with performance concerns, are stifling innovation
  • Migration to hybrid cloud remains challenging for many companies
  • Cloud-related service providers are limited in meeting changing enterprise needs.

To stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the rapid evolution of technology, many companies are constantly looking for ways to future-proof their IT strategies, sometimes having to put performance, flexibility and agility over cost, which brings a game-changing opportunity for data centre and network services providers. When we no longer compete mostly on cost, we have a tremendous opportunity to show and deliver greater customer value based on our industry and domain expertise.

To date there’s been a void in solutions that can meet all the changing needs in business and IT. So, we, as service providers, are being asked to increase and improve service offerings more every year, and to be more of a strategic ally and industry advisor for our customers and partners.

It’s not surprising that companies are seeking out service providers who can deliver more of the data centre and network services they need, all within one environment: Scale, Colocation, Connectivity, along with Cloud Service options. Having more of their requirements met through a single service provider offers greater value to our customers. In doing so, we enable them to worry less about whether their IT infrastructure can keep up with evolving business needs, and to spend less time managing multiple vendor relationships. That allows them to devote more time to what truly makes them competitive.
As a trusted service provider and partner, our goal is to help our customers reduce exposure to risk at every phase of their IT journey, by enabling flexibility, high performance, instant scalability and agility through our comprehensive colocation, wholesale/scale and interconnection solutions.

Connected Communities

As technology continues to evolve, the products and services we offer our customers improve and evolve as well. By meeting our customers’ future needs through comprehensive solutions and ensuring they can never outgrow us, we can help them reap more benefits. That’s why we’ve developed The Connected Campus.

The Connected Campus brings all the critical data centre and network services together into a single, secure environment offering unique business advantages that can help companies future-proof their IT strategies by:

  • Harnessing the value of colocation space in close proximity to wholesale data halls, with seemingly limitless potential to support IT workloads
  • Combining colocation, large cloud compute nodes, and Internet Gateways in one environment, removing bottlenecks through optimal, private, secure connectivity
  • Removing the complexity of hybrid cloud adoption by partnering with first-class integrators and aggregators within one environment
  • Delivering seamless secure Interconnectivity to a network of customers, partners and cloud service providers
  • Utilising our unparalleled global footprint to meet support requirements when and where customers need them.

Creating Your Ecosystem

Cloud computing is here to stay, in some form or another. As networks are, in essence, expected to “be everywhere,” a single solution will no longer suffice. Companies will require more of an ecosystem with low-latency and secure interconnection for faster delivery and protection of data, along with direct connection to partners, customers and critical resources.

In a recent survey, 36% of Irish respondents said that their business workloads are currently in the cloud today, while over two-thirds of Irish respondents said that workloads will move to the cloud in the next five years. By partnering with cloud service providers, Digital Realty has already taken the next step in evolving its data centre offerings. So why the rush to hybrid cloud environments?

The cost, scalability, security and flexibility benefits of hybrid cloud are already well known. It’s no surprise that enterprise adoption of hybrid cloud is growing, and predicted to continue as businesses of all sizes find ways of reducing the complexity of deployment. By getting closer to their data, and the resources supporting their business, companies are optimising their performance and positioning themselves to sustain faster growth.

So Can a Data Centre Help Future-Proof Your IT Strategy?

We believe that our data centres can do just that. More enterprises are looking to leverage hybrid-cloud strategies, low-latency colocation and instant scalability to help drive agility, increase security and improve operational efficiency. We are removing some of the complexity in accessing and optimising all the critical data centre and network elements by bringing them together into a single, environment and combining them with the necessary expertise. That’s why Digital Realty has made The Connected Campus central to its core strategy, differentiating itself from other providers.

If you’re ready to create a more dynamic and responsive business while enabling the digital transformation of your organisation, make Interxion part of your hybrid cloud strategy.