Ireland’s Changing IT Infrastructure Requirements

by Niamh Dundon, Marketing Manager

Domestic enterprises, including those trading internationally, are particularly vulnerable to challenges from overseas competitors, as they face not only intense competition but often a more coherent IT strategy and international workforces are able to deliver at pace and at scale.

An inaugural report from Digital Realty and HPE explores the current IT landscape in Ireland, aiming to identify challenges and pain points and provides an insight into what the future looks like from an IT perspective. As Ireland’s economy is heavily reliant on foreign direct investment, in order not to skew the findings, the research is spread evenly between small and large organisations to get an accurate view of the IT industry in Ireland today.

Understanding trends in enabling hybrid IT, solving network-related issues or finding partners to influence and support IT decisions can help your organisation’s decision- making, vendor selection, and connectivity strategies to support your IT strategy.

Top findings from our report include:

  1. Key Challenges Associated with Managing Data
    The majority of respondents identify data security, data backup and recovery and making the best use of data as the key challenges to moving to managing data.
  2. Overall IT Approach and Strategy
    Nearly half (45%) confirm they are moving towards a hybrid IT environment. Findings reveal a big variance between enterprises HQ’d in Ireland versus those HQ’d outside of Ireland (36% v 67%) showing Ireland is slower to embrace hybrid IT than others.
  3. Skills Shortages
    Ireland is similar to other countries in experiencing shortages in the skills needed to meet IT transformational needs. Security expertise to deploy, monitor and mitigate concerns re: cloud and hybrid services was identified as a key gap (53%). Compliance & governance and application transformation and redevelopment ranked 2nd and 3rd.
  4. Growth in enterprise applications
    Enterprise applications are expected to grow by greater than 10% in the next 12 months.
  5. Workload Placement
    Unlike the global shi! away from storing data in owner-operated server rooms, many Irish enterprises continue to own and operate server rooms. Our research identifies a significant (63%) reduction in the reliance of on-premise facilities over the next two years.
  6. Vendor support
    The majority of enterprises rely on partner vendor support to enable them to achieve their IT goals. Respondents stated, that in terms of partner services and capabilities, global coverage ranked no. 1 at 47%, followed closely by direct connection to the public cloud.