Your Organisation is in safe Remote Hands with Digital Realty

Choosing a Digital Realty data centre to house your equipment means you can rely on our highly secure facilities with exceptional levels of power availability, redundancy, and connectivity. Our team of highly skilled engineers will manage your equipment and keep your data running 24/7.

Our Remote Hands ™ service allows our customers to maximise their availability and keep their equipment running. With no added expenses of deploying your own team, we can troubleshoot your issues and manage your system remotely.

What are the benefits of our Remote Hands™ onsite support?

  • With our engineers onsite 24/7, it is a fast and cost-effective option. As opposed to deploying and paying on-call rates for your own team to travel to our site. 
  • There are scalable options to suit your needs. 
  • Our engineers are experts in our data centre environment and are highly trained in the latest infrastructure technologies.

When it comes to your data needs, our Remote Hands™ service means you can rely on our engineers being there when you need them, keeping your mission-critical equipment running. We provide various plans for this service to suit you needs. The Remote Hands™ service enables customers to leverage our operational staff to carry out routine or emergency support of your equipment in our data centres. They act as a qualified on-site resource for the tasks that need a human presence.

If you are looking for our team to provide cost-effective emergency support, we have technicians available within a guaranteed timeframe following your urgent work notification through the portal from your operations team. While any regular or pre-scheduled support can also be ordered through the portal.

Whether you need urgent work support during office hours or planned non-business hours maintenance, we’re there. Our services include specific SLAs established as part of our Remote Hands agreement with you to cover your support requirements. So you know that you can rely on our engineers being there when you need them, keeping your mission-critical equipment running. To find out more about our Remote Hands™ service, please get in touch.