Arxus broadens hybrid cloud market using Cloud Connect

Arxus is part of the Cronos Groep, the largest IT service provider in Belgium. A specialist in cloud infrastructure, applications and enablement solutions, Arxus helps customers of all sizes, in all industries, make a successful journey to the cloud.


The Challenge

To meet the complex requirements many customers have, Arxus builds customised hybrid cloud solutions — allowing, for example, the integration of a legacy ERP system running in a private cloud with an e-commerce platform in a public cloud. In the past, Arxus used internet-based VPN connections to connect the public and private clouds in a hybrid solution. All too often, however, high latency and bandwidth limitations had a negative effect on application performance.

"To enhance the hybrid cloud proposition, we needed to establish direct connectivity between private and public clouds," says Erlend Schenkels, Managing Partner at Arxus. "A lot of our customers use Microsoft Azure, so finding a convenient way to access ExpressRoute was a priority."

The Solution

Quickly won over by Interxion's Cloud Connect service, Arxus became one of its first customers. Cloud Connect lets Arxus bypass the internet and directly connect a customer's private cloud to Microsoft Azure. A self-service portal and standard price list mean that, when Arxus wants to provision a new customer, they can do everything themselves: they don't have to request a quote, wait for Interxion to assemble a project team, or sign a new agreement.

Cloud Connect enables Arxus to help more customers take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of public cloud–based solutions. As well as better reliability and consistent performance, the direct physical connection between private and public clouds provides the high level of security many customers need.

“Cloud Connect has been really well thought out and implemented. Pricing is predictable and reasonable; and the high degree of automation means we can add a new customer in a matter of minutes using the self-service portal."

Erlend SchenkelsManaging Partner, Arxus


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About Arxus

Arxus is the Managed Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider of the Cronos Group, offering a wide range of cloud services. They focus on delivering white labeled SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services based on highly scalable, reliable and performant services on their own cloud platform or public platforms.