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11 July 2016

The Challenge

To help it develop sustainable solutions and deliver current products reliably, Bombardier needed a highly available, high-performance IT infrastructure. In the past the company had worked with an outsourcing service provider to manage its complete data centre stack including data centre facilities, hardware and software, and server and storage administration. But as demands for agility and flexibility increased, this single-supplier service provisioning model was reaching its limits.

Bombardier therefore opted for a selective supplier environment that would increase agility and flexibility while reducing costs, by introducing competition and breaking up the vertical value chain. For data centre provisioning, the company looked for a provider that could guarantee high scalability, reliability and performance, and operated its own data centres in Europe.

We are extremely satisfied with Interxion. They live up to their promised service level agreements, and our applications are delivering high performance and reliability.

Thomas Leidenbach

Vice President IS Infrastructure, Bombardier Transportation

The Solution

For data centre provisioning, the company looked for a provider that could guarantee high scalability, reliability and performance, and operated its own data centres in Europe. It chose Interxion based on quality, price/ performance ratio, capacity and data centre infrastructure; and on Interxion’s unique market position that provides access to a wide range of cloud providers and other international service providers.

“We were particularly impressed with the professionalism of the technical environment and the services offered by Interxion,” explains Thomas Leidenbach, Vice President IS Infrastructure at Bombardier Transportation. “The Hands and Eyes service — including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting — ensures there are technicians on site who can act quickly to keep our business critical infrastructure operational.”

This means that Bombardier can operate its external data centre as a darkroom, with no need to be physically present for maintenance and operation. If the company ever has a problem or needs to request a change, it simply turns to its remote infrastructure management (RIM) and SAP-basis offshore provider. If they identify the requirement for an on-site break-fix or hardware maintenance service, they involve the respective maintenance provider. “This is an example of how we can take advantage of a global delivery model with offshore RIM from India, while maintaining the benefits of a data centre located in Germany. In this way, Interxion offers a completely reliable service framework,” adds Leidenbach.

Bombardier’s applications are mirrored across Interxion’s data centres in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. This dual-site design is key to ensuring complete redundancy, enabling Bombardier to rely on the data and applications at the second site in the event of any situation affecting business continuity at the first. Being located in Germany also offers the advantage of strict data protection laws. Furthermore, Interxion uses comprehensive, multi-level security that aligns with the room within- a-room principle. This incorporates security standards that ensure critical business applications operate reliably. The two data centres are also connected to Bombardier’s global network via high-speed data links.

“Outsourcing to a data centre offers us many economic benefits, and lets us concentrate on our core business with no need to worry about areas outside our own domain. After all, we wouldn’t build a hotel when all we need is a room,” explains Leidenbach. “With its core expertise lying in data centre operations, Interxion can perform both installation and maintenance much more efficiently and reliably. We also benefit from lower initial investment costs and shorter implementation times, as well as greater scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency offered by the cloud model.”

Initial applications have been running at Interxion data centres since July 2013. The collaboration between Bombardier and Interxion could hardly have gone any more smoothly. “Interxion lives up to its promised service level agreements and our applications are delivering high performance and reliability,” says Leidenbach. He continues: “We are extremely satisfied with Interxion. They simply know their business. That’s why we intend to migrate our entire central data centre in the UK to Interxion by 2016. All of our major applications worldwide will then be running at Interxion — a clear demonstration of just how far we trust them.”


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