With speed and ease: How NexGen delivers secure public cloud connectivity using Interxion Cloud Connect

NexGen Networks started out as a financial markets–oriented provider of Ethernet-based services in the New York metropolitan area. It's come a long way since then, and today operates a global network infrastructure based on PoPs all over the world. PoPs colocated at Interxion's London and Paris campuses, combined with access to Interxion Cloud Connect, are key to NexGen's European reach and its ability to connect customers to their clouds.

The Challenge

Demanding customers in many industries turn to NexGen to meet their needs for secure, reliable and resilient high-speed networks. To meet these customers’ global networking needs, NexGen needed to increase their coverage and routing resilience. In addition, customers that had traditionally hosted all their services and applications in their own data centres are now starting to see the flexibility and efficiency benefits of moving services to the cloud. Therefore, NexGen needed to increase their customers options for connecting to cloud based services.

The Solution

As part of its strategy to extend and reinforce network coverage throughout Europe, NexGen has implemented PoPs at Interxion's London and Paris campuses. Additionally, to help its customers find the best way to connect to their cloud-based services and to deliver the secure, resilient, low-latency connectivity that's often required, NexGen developed Cloud Direct Connect using Interxion’s Cloud Connect at both campuses.

The Result

By Implementing PoPs in both Interxion’s Paris and London campuses, NexGen have improved European customers' access to NexGen's global connectivity services, while increasing European reach for customers in other geographies. Using Interxion’s Cloud Connect as one of their preferred Direct Connect options in both campuses, NexGen is able to deliver their customers private connections to multiple cloud platforms – all within 24 hours.

We love the ease of use of Interxion’s Cloud Connect portal, but the real winner is that it takes just 24 hours to bring up a connection to a cloud platform. That rapid response makes it a no-brainer to use Interxion Cloud Connect whenever we can.

Jeffrey Barth

SVP of Engineering and Operations, NexGen Networks

About NexGen Networks

NexGen Networks, founded in 2002, is an integrated telecommunications carrier. Using its fibre-based, low-latency infrastructure, it provides customers with private Ethernet, internet and transport services. In particular it specialises in delivering dependable, ultra-high-speed solutions.