With Colocation, SumUp Delivers Fast, and Secure Mobile Payments

SumUp, Europe’s leading Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) provider, empowers small businesses across 31 countries to accept purchases on their smartphones or stand-alone readers. Their devices are game-changers for merchants, helping them get paid by customers who don’t carry cash. But a great customer experience depends on payments that are secure and completed in seconds, otherwise customers get frustrated and lose trust.

With transactions happening every minute on their devices across the globe, SumUp needed to design a hybrid IT environment that ensured payments would happen fast and comply with regulations.

SumUp partnered with Interxion to significantly reduce their transactional roundtrip latency, as the company worked to expand their European footprint. Placing their hardware in a colocation data centre, which housed the HSM, internet exchange, and cloud access point, reduced the distance between the initial transaction and sped up the payment process, while guaranteeing compliance.

After an excellent initial experience with Interxion, in 2018, SumUp decided to further expand its infrastructure on the European continent. SumUp decided to place additional hardware on Interxion’s Frankfurt campus, as Germany is the most important European market for SumUp and the campus is where the world’s largest Internet exchange point DE-CIX is located, an important internet gateway to the Central and Eastern European regions. Also, SumUp benefited from access to the multiple cloud providers hosted there.

In addition, Interxion’s international connectivity to cloud service providers with its Cloud Connect service made their data centres the perfect home for SumUp, as their applications use large cloud providers for different workloads.

“Our collaboration with Interxion is going very successfully. In fact, our relationship is quite unique. I can pick up the phone at any time, just as if I were calling a colleague. Given the importance of functionality and performance to our system, we are very happy to have a trusted partner.” Petar Burunsuzov, Vice President of IT Infrastructure & Operations.

SumUp is a leading finance technology firm that provides small companies with a simple, secure and cost-effective method for accepting card payments at the point of sale or on the move. The firm does things a little differently. It has even developed its own payment solution so that it can always offer the best added value and service. In addition, SumUp designs and manufactures its own equipment to ensure that it functions seamlessly together with the firm’s app. More at: