How Interxion’s Hosting Helps Tibus Meet Client Commitments

Hosting providers like Tibus stand or fall on the levels of service they provide to customers. That’s why they require best-in-class colocation facilities. A further advantage of working with a pure-play colocation provider is the opportunity it brings to upsell services to other companies located in the same facility. It’s a true partnership that brings real business benefits.



22 February 2016

The Challenge

As a relatively small company of 45 people, Tibus prides itself on its flexibility and agility in responding to market needs while the backing of a large PLC through its parent company UTV gives the company sufficient buying power to grow its network and invest in services. Those services include a full range of hosting services for websites and databases built for a variety of technology platforms. In addition, Tibus also offers cloud computing, dedicated managed hosting, colocation hosting, content delivery and streaming, virtual hosting and shared hosting. All are designed around its customers’ exacting requirements which call for tailored support arrangements and appropriate service level agreements. “Our clients span both the public and private sectors and we work with some of the world’s largest brands ensuring their online applications, sites and activities are always available, secure and performant,” says Brian McCrory, Business Development Manager at Tibus. Good hosting and data centre facilities are important to Tibus, as all of its services are delivered from these sites. Its model is to operate out of multiple data centres across multiple geographies with a range of different partners. “That allows us to better manage risk; a typical requirement for the profile of clients we work with.”

Our clients span both the public and private sectors and we work with some of the world’s largest brands ensuring their online applications, sites and activities are always available, secure and performant.

Brian McCrory

Business Development Manager, Tibus

The Solution

Tibus’ business model requires using several data centre sites but Interxion’s Dub1 facility is its primary hub. There, Interxion provides Tibus with two cabinets of colocation space where the servers are guaranteed high levels of power, and there is connectivity to a large number of internet providers as well as to the national peering point INEX. Tibus also has the option of accessing additional ‘hands and eyes’ support from Interxion staff if required. Tibus’ infrastructure is being monitored in Dub 1 for a range of environmental factors including fire and leak detection, temperature and humidity.

That building management system is also being monitored separately from Interxion’s Dub 2 facility and by its European Customer Service centre in London which provides levels of service that only a pan-European provider like Interxion can offer, with over 30 data centres in 11 countries across the continent. “Due to fact we take a pure colocation service, then provided the facility is physically secure, and has electricity, then we’re happy,” says McCrory. “It’s a good facility, provided by a big name in the data centre industry, with good choice of carriers and INEX available.” McCrory says partnering with a provider like Interxion allows Tibus to meet its compliance objectives while offering levels of reassurance to its own clients. “Interxion offers a recognised name and facility, and helps overcome any potential issues our customers have when moving their application and data offsite.” He adds: “The pre-sales and account management are good compared to other vendors we work with.” As a colocation provider in its own right, Interxion attracts a range of customer types to its data centre, giving Tibus the opportunity to cross-sell value-added services to those companies. Other aspects of Interxion’s service that have particularly impressed Tibus include speed of provisioning and its ability to accommodate tight deadlines that some projects have required.

About Tibus

In business since 1996, Tibus is a boutique hosting provider offering a suite of services ranging from basic shared hosting through to complex, high-availability solutions spanning multiple data centres and geographies.