Many enterprises realise that a hybrid or multi cloud solution is the optimal outcome, where the appropriate workloads are in a public cloud, some services are delivered through a SaaS model, and some workloads are run on private infrastructure.

Enterprises understand that their traditional IT environment is no longer capable of supporting the new IT strategies that require speed, transparency, connectivity, scalability, control, compliance and security.

Interxion offer highly connected colocation data centres with all the ingredients needed to support your hybrid cloud strategy.

The key benefits of Interxion Colocation include:

  1. Better Connectivity – Interxion offer private and secure access to all public cloud providers in addition to access to over 700 network providers providing flexibility, cost savings and assurance that business critical application always run uninterrupted. Thanks to our interconnectivity and hybrid/multi-cloud architecture, enterprises can fully optimize their workloads for improved speed and functionality.

  2. Improved Security – At Interxion we offer state of the art physical and network security providing peace of mind for our customers

  3. Flexible Scalability – Interxion provide the flexibility for customers to scale up or down bandwidth requirements to accommodate their traffic demand without the need for capital investment

  4. Capex Savings – Enterprises can significantly reduce Capex costs by moving their infrastructure to Interxion Colocation data centres. These Enterprises can quickly expand IT infrastructure to meet growth needs with less investment.

  5. Better Uptime Reliability – Interxion’s efficient power and cooling infrastructure provides 99.999 uptime reliability thereby mitigating the risk to an Enterprises reputation or bottom line.


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