Interxion provides highly connected colocation data centers with all the ingredients needed to support your IT strategies.Colocation

We provide direct access to more cloud providers than anyone else in Europe including Microsoft, Google and AWS.   

We offer the most network neutral colocation services with more than 700 connectivity partners, which means we offer more value to our customers.’


At Interxion we understand that every business is different.

We work with every customer to find solutions to meet their specific IT needs and to ensure that every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense.

Core Services

We operate over 50 state of the art data centres across Europe and have the same standard products throughout our footprint. So whether you colocate in one or forty facilities, you can rest assured of the same high quality everywhere we operate. 



Our equipment housing options range from individual Cabinets to Cages and Private Rooms for enhanced security


We offer a broad selection of power configurations and allocation options, with both metered and unmetered options.


Your equipment is maintained and monitored in climate-controlled environments with SLAs for temperature and humidity.


Our data centres are designed with five layers of physical security, 24/7 security staff and access control systems

Key Benefits



We source 90% of our energy from renewable sources. In fact, we run on 100% renewable energy in 11 of our 13 cities.


European Gateway

Our engineers are highly trained and you’ll to receive the same level of service wherever you invest with us.


High Availability

Our resilient data centres operate at high availability levels (99.999%) backed by competitive SLAs


Hands & Eyes

Use our skilled, on site engineering team to perform maintenance or installation work on your equipment.


When we did our research, Interxion came out head and shoulders above everyone else. Their award-winning, accredited data centres give us plenty of capacity to scale LeapCloud installations or expand to other European locations, and also support disaster recovery across multiple sites – traditionally considered an expensive luxury in the broadcast market.


Interxion makes life very easy for Digital Planet. As we grow, we know they can accommodate our needs. As our responsibilities to our customers increase we know Interxion will provide the core facilities for us to meet them. It’s a great relationship and it’s one that’s going to last.

Digital Planet

Once we were set up in AMS5, we immediately noticed significant improvements in service and performance levels and we have had zero issues so far. Now we and our users understand what best-in-class means in terms of application performance.