PDx™ Design Guide: Optimising Financial Services Data Exchange

According to IDG, data volumes are growing at an average of 63% per month1. By 2025, over 463 exabytes of data will be created each day.2

This rapid amplification of the data gravity megatrend poses a significant challenge to traditional IT infrastructures within the financial services industry. In addition, the digital economy is remaking financial services organizations, transforming how they create and deliver value.

Today’s keys to success require the ability to:

  • Operate ubiquitously and on-demand
  • Augment workflows with real-time intelligence
  • Serve customers, partners and employees via digitally-enabled interactions across all channels, business functions and points of business presence

Developed by expert Solution Architects, this design guide works as a companion to the Optimizing Financial Services Data Exchange Blueprint found in the Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) content library. It’s intended for business strategists, technology leaders, IT architects and those responsible for the design and implementation of technology solutions.

Get your access to the capabilities, methodologies, step-by-step plans and value impacts of the Optimizing Financial Services Data Exchange Design Guide.

1. “Optimizing Business Analytics by Transforming Data in the Could”, IDG Research, October 2019
2. “How Much Data is Generated in a Day,” World Economic Forum, April 2019

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