Webinar: Helping Enterprises Use Cloud Options to Increase IT Agility While Reducing Risk

More than ever before, enterprises need IT that is agile and adaptable, able to respond when crises such as COVID-19 hit. Enterprises need to deliver their own IT as-a-service.  In this roundtable, we’ll discuss trends in digital transformation and how options for using cloud, hybrid cloud and colocation can help enterprise IT gain agility and other benefits while reducing risks during the process.

Original Air Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Duration: 1 hour



Séamus Dunne, Managing Director, Interxion Ireland


Maeve Culloty, Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ireland


Research Director, Head of Voice of the Enterprise & Voice of the Service Provider, 451 Research


Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President, 451 Research

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