5 Industry Leaders Provide Insight Into Ireland’s Subsea Cable Landscape

A unique opportunity to hear the key industry leaders discuss the latest insights into Ireland’s subsea cable landscape. 

Our live panel as our industry leaders discussed: 

  • Key facts about existing subsea infrastructure, 
  • Future plans, 
  • Challenges (including Marine Maintenance) and opportunities, 
  • Terrestrial networks (demand vs supply); 
  • Ireland's role as a gateway to Europe

In the live event there was an opportunity to submit questions to our panelists, if your question wasn't answered during the event our panelists took the time to answer them here.

Subsea Cable Map

Ireland is the gateway between Europe and the U.S., with several high capacity transatlantic cables connecting the two locations.

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Ciaran Delaney

VP of Operations and Optical Engineering



Nigel Bayliff


Aqua Comms


Toby Williams

Head of Infrastructure Investment



Shane Nolan

Head of Technology and Emerging Business

Industrial Development Agency (IDA) Ireland


Mike Hollands

Senior Director of Market Development


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