How Data Gravity, Digital Transformation and Hybrid IT Will Define 2021

In May of 2020, McKinsey stated we “vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks.”

As we begin a new year, our CTO, Chris Sharp, shares his insights on how 2020 changed the way we live and conduct business. He also cites the potential regional and global implications for 2021.

The implications are on a regional and global scale.

Download this paper to learn what it all could mean for your business in 2021.

Some of the featured topics include:

  • The digital workplace isn’t going anywhere - how will you adapt?
  • Accelerated change means addressing new cybersecurity threats
  • Data accumulation continues to grow and Data Gravity continues to intensify
  • Edge computing creates a need for hybrid IT
  • How enterprises need to adapt to the new changes