Going digital means taking a fresh look at your IT infrastructure

How the financial services industry is utilising the benefits of the cloud

Financial Services firms need to cast a fresh pair of eyes over their infrastructure to effectively implement and transform their digital capabilities according to an IDC whitepaper, sponsored by Interxion.
For most financial firms, on-premise data centres have traditionally been the preferred solution, with few operating a cloud-first strategy. However, significant changes over the past decade have seen the regulatory environment intensify, while technological development has driven an ongoing evolution in the industry. To succeed - or survive - financial companies must embrace innovation and digital transformation in their business.

How is it possible for financial companies to exploit the benefits of cloud while maintaining data security and control? Can on-premise data centres still be used in the digital transformation? In our new whitepaper, we have asked over 140 European financial firms to share how they mastered their digital transformation.
The report includes:

  • IT development in the financial sector
  • Driving and inhibiting factors for migration to cloud services
  • What does the future of IT infrastructure look like - cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise?
  • How are financial companies approaching the digital transformation

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