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How Retailers Can Future-proof Their Infrastructure

As the demands of the digital economy reshape the world of retail, many organisations are finding that their IT infrastructure is struggling to keep up.

What retailers need for success is a business platform that can secure data near customers, unleash the performance of data-rich applications and unlock revenue growth.

Instead, many are grappling with a fragmented architecture burdened by significant technical debt, along with the effects of increasing data gravity.

Optimising Retail Data Exchange

It’s clear that traditional approaches will no longer work in the face of change. Now is the time for a new, future-ready solution – a data-centric architecture capable of defying data gravity, while optimising data exchange.

This in turn can reduce costs, mitigate risks and secure sensitive data even as you scale your digital business.

To get you started on this path, our expert solutions architects have developed a toolkit of resources based on our Pervasive Data Centre Architecture (PDx™) methodology for optimising data exchange. 

Our Optimising Retail Data Exchange PDx™ Solution Toolkit includes:

  • PDx™ Solution Brief
    A codified strategy and solution approach to data-driven digital transformation
  • PDx™ Blueprint
    A simple three-step integration and hosting solution process to help you architect a decentralised IT infrastructure
  • PDx™ Design Guide
    A more detailed guide to planning, identifying, mapping and deploying our decentralised infrastructure model for real impact and value.


Download these essential resources now to understand how to adopt an optimised data architecture and futureproof your digital infrastructure.