Security in the Data Centre

Physical and Cyber Converge for New Opportunities

Data centres are entering a new transformational era. Gone are the days of air-gapped cyber and physical security. Data centres are monitored and managed through a network of hundreds or even thousands of sensors used for real-time telemetry—temperature and humidity control, maintenance alerts, physical security, and much more. Yet, in addition to introducing new opportunities for enhanced operational efficiencies and greater visibility and control, digital transformation (DX) presents new challenges.

Manipulation of heating and ventilation controls (HVAC) could result in critical infrastructure systems being shut down or compromised. Physical cameras could be hacked and commandeered to disguise a robbery or unauthorized entry into a secure location.

Data centres must be diligent to ensure physical and cyber systems are protected in a unified way, and that their convergence does not create additional risks. Further, data centres will begin to see advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) deployed to pinpoint anomalies in both physical and cyber security and to enact real-time controls and remediation processes.

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