The Managed Service Provider’s Guide to a Hyperconnected World

How the right data centre partner can help you to deliver optimal cloud solutions

Global data generation is powering up at an incredible rate and the volume of business-critical data continues to grow. On this basis, companies should actively consider how their data is stored, protected and, not least, connected. Therefore, the choice of a data centre to house your data architecture should empower the right data flows and give you smooth access to leading connectivity providers, internet exchanges and cloud access ports.

The move from on-premises to cloud is well underway. Many enterprises are demanding hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to combine the flexibility and scalability of private and public cloud services with the high data security of a private infrastructure. With more and more companies choosing hybrid cloud solutions, new challenges and needs arise that must be addressed.

In this guide, we look more closely at these challenges and how service providers can help their customers in their digital transformation while also exploring new business opportunities and partnerships using the digital ecosystem found in hyperconnected data centres.

Its ultimate aim is to help you as a service provider, or system integrator, achieve new business opportunities and to be able to deliver optimal solutions for your end customers.

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