Hybrid cloud drives business growth. The world’s top digital enterprises use cloud IT to create new products faster, improve customer engagement and enter new markets more quickly.

These companies are in control of their cloud solutions, mixing cloud and on-premises IT resources in a way that best suits their IT strategy. They work with cloud partners to rapidly scale and deliver services to new global markets while keeping sensitive data safe and secure in-house.

Interxion helps enterprises take control of their cloud IT strategy, giving you the power to decide where, when and how you use the cloud to grow your business. Scale up or down depending on where the market takes you and gain the benefits of cloud and on-premises IT, including agility, security, performance, connectivity and flexibility.


Customer needs can change in a hurry. The right colocation strategy allows you to react just as quickly, by maximising the unique strengths of on-premises and cloud.

With a unified environment across a combination of deployment models, you can improve operational agility and responsiveness, while growing your business.


The right connections to grow your business.

Ready to extend your reach? Colocation from Interxion provides the connectivity options you need to reach more than 90 percent of European broadband users.


Regain control over your IT security

Take control of your cloud security. Colocation lets you tap into the hybrid cloud’s performance benefits, without sacrificing security or compliance. Learn how to benefit from secure, private access points to major cloud platforms, which take public Internet challenges out of the equation.


Earn customer trust with optimum performance

Poor cloud performance is a business risk. Problems with reliability, speed and latency could undermine customers’ trust in your network.


Control cost without compromising quality

Maintaining your own data centres is expensive. You have to pay for space, equipment, staff and infrastructure. Find out how colocation can help you to grow strategically and retain control of CAPEX costs and revenue opportunities.

How Digital Leaders are taking control of their IT

Some companies are born digital. Others have to work at it.

No matter how their journey began, the most forward-looking digital enterprises – Digital Leaders – create an ideal back-office environment that supports what they do in the front office to grow their business.

Our new IDC research The Digital Enterprise, identifies those companies making the fastest progress toward digital transformation. Learn about the crucial role hybrid cloud plays helping these businesses succeed.