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As enterprise migrates apps and workloads into various clouds, it must also advance its approach to networking. The establishment of a connected edge, housed inside a colocation facility already hosting a community of major clouds, SaaS and IT Service Providers, can simplify that strategy while moving mission-critical traffic to more reliable connectivity.

Read our new report from 451 Research and learn how to benefit from this strategy.




BLOG: Connected Communities and the Importance of Networking

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, the importance of network connectivity cannot be overstated. Modern-day enterprises need powerful and reliable networking infrastructure if they are to avoid the consequences of lost productivity, profitability, and reputation. But, in the age where digital transformation has grown obligatory, the modern-day enterprise is disaggregating – and this poses a unique connectivity challenge.


WEBINAR: Anchoring the Cloud by 451 Research

In this webinar Craig Matsumoto from 451 Research and Jan-Pieter Nentwig from Interxion discuss how multi-tenant data centres (MTDC) can act as a partner in the enterprise's migration to the cloud, and how colocation can create an anchor point for tapping a richly connected community of services, while providing added benefits of security, reliability and low latency.


WHITEPAPER: The Digital Enterprise by IDC

Digital Leaders create an ideal back-office environment that supports what they do in the front office to grow their business. Our IDC research The Digital Enterprise, identifies those companies making the fastest progress toward digital transformation. Learn about the crucial role hybrid cloud plays helping these businesses succeed.

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