Looking at data driven strategies for retailers 

The digital world is reshaping the retail industry, transforming and enhancing the consumer experience and creating new ways to optimise intelligence for competitive advantage. 

Retail organisations need to navigate the complexities of omnichannel experiences, real-time visibility to supply chain and inventory and on-demand response to consumer needs. The rapid transformation of the industry has resulted in the exponential growth of data creation and consumption, creating a challenge for retail organisations to manage the growing volumes of data across myriad applications and rapidly scaling operations.  

Current backhaul architectures simply can’t keep up with the accelerated pace of digital transformation requiring the right digital tools, clouds, networks and resources needed to support it.

To succeed, retailers require a global data centre platform that operates ubiquitously, and on-demand, augmented by real-time intelligence to best serve customers, partners and employees via digitally-enabled interactions across all channels, business functions and points of business presence.

As a global multi-tenant data centre platform provider, we bring together connected data communities to help customers adapt and address challenges associated with IT deployment, data localisation, AI development, exchange optimisation and Data Gravity on our pervasive data centre platform, PlatformDIGITAL®When leveraging PlatformDIGITAL® retail companies can realise their target state architecture, optimise data exchange and achieve unique value at one of our retail colocation data centres.  

Unlocking New Opportunities in Retail by Optimising Data Exchange

Harness the Right Data, in the Right Way, and Use It Effectively to Unlock New Opportunities in the Retail Industry

Want to learn how to optimise retail data exchange to reduce risk, lower costs and grow revenue?

Why Retail Companies Choose Our Solutions


Low Latency


Research suggests that 25% of people will abandon a website that takes longer than 4 seconds to load. Furthermore, Amazon found that just 100 milliseconds of extra load time cost them 1% in sales.

As a result, low latency is mission-critical priority for retailers that want to provide a seamless customer experience and grow their revenue.

No matter the location of end users, our connected data communities and network of over 280 data centers spanning 26 countries and six continents enable retailers to provide the highest quality retail experience.


Intelligent Data


Capitalizing on market trends and customer preferences is essential for the retail industry. Large data sets across different architectures demand a modernized approach to storage and analysis. Improving performance and data compliance control while supporting increasing volume, variability and velocity of data requires a new IT architecture.

Our solution enables retailers to deploy, connect and host critical data infrastructure in proximity to users, networks, clouds and beyond to future proof their businesses.


Security and Compliance


As data continues to become one of the most valuable assets for retailers, managing and protecting it is a key priority.

Navigating data sovereignty concerns, mitigating cyber-attacks, and establishing consistent policy enforcement across a global IT infrastructure is pushing retailers to adopt a new security management architecture.

Our solution enhances security and infrastructure management by deploying and interconnecting controls to enable secure centers of data exchange to scale digital business.



Optimising Retail Data Exchange - Solution Model

A solution strategy for Retail companies to address both industry specific business challenges and overcome data gravity barriers.

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