Terms & Conditions

Free Colocation and Free access to the London Internet Exchange from Interxion London.

We are offering new customers 3 months free colocation and a free connection to the London Internet Exchange (“LINX”) for up to one year (the “Offer”). Terms and Conditions apply.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Offer:

The new customer must enter into a service agreement for at least one cabinet for a minimum period of 12 months with Interxion Carrier Hotel Limited, London ("Interxion") before August 31, 2016 to take advantage of the Offer. The service agreement will be per the Interxion general terms, conditions, and service schedules (the Service Agreement”).

After the Service Agreement with Interxion has been signed by the new customer, Interxion will provide the following Discount on its service fees:

  1. The first 3 months of its Services for free; and
  2. The cost of the LINX connection for the following:
  • 1 GB / 1 Year.
  • 10 GB / 3 months

For the purposes of this Offer, the Discount refers to the monthly recurring charges only and not to the costs for set up and installation or cross connects. Interxion is not required to provide any further services free of charge other than as detailed in the Service Agreement.

Free connection to the LINX is subject to the following requirements and limitations:

  • Interxion will only provide one free LINX connection per new customer .
  • The new customer must be a member of the LINX. Interxion will not be a party to the membership agreement the customer has with LINX and has no responsibility to either the new customer or LINX for any obligations under that membership agreement.
  • Interxion will not be responsible for the payment of any LINX membership fee, this is the responsibility of the customer and failure to pay such membership fee may mean that Interxion will be unable to provide the free LINX connection.
  • Interxion will only provide a free LINX connection for connection to London Juniper LAN or London Extreme LAN.

Customers must register their availability to peer at Interxion London Campus on Peering DB, www.peeringdb.com, to take advantage of this offer;

This Discount is not available for existing customers of Interxion or extensions of existing service agreements;

Interxion reserves the right to withdraw and/or modify this Offer at any time.

The Promoter for the purposes of this offer is Interxion Carrier Hotel Limited whose correspondence address is 5th Floor, 91-95 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL