The secure location for your data, applications or cloud solutions

Our data centre campus in Copenhagen offers a future-proof foundation for your IT infrastructure and provides access to leading networks, Internet exchanges and local and global clouds.

Located at the industrial park in Ballerup, the state-of-the-art CPH2 data centre is 2,675 sqm in total. As a provider of high quality data centres, we at Interxion strive to comply at all times with the stringent requirements that our many customers demand, especially concerning safety, certifications and uptime.

We strive to always remain at the forefront of developments, and this ensures that our data centres bring major and crucial value to our Danish and international customers both now and in the future. Our data centres offer both new and existing customers great opportunities for network connectivity and connectivity to the leading clouds.



Maintained around the clock by our experienced and highly trained technicians, our state-of-the-art data centres deliver reliability and performance to the highest industry standards.


Interxion’s data centres are built and operated to the same exacting designs and processes, ensuring you receive a consistent and high quality experience.


The data centre Information Security Management and Business Continuity Systems are certified for ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and SOC2.


Giving access to both international and local cloud suppliers, CPH2 is a great place to connect your business and make new alliances for revenue opportunities and lower costs.

Interxion - CPH2 Datacenter - Colocation

Nordic connectivity hub

From our data centre, you can easily connect your IT infrastructure to the rest of the world. The possibility for this type of connectivity is therefore one of the crucial reasons for the high demand for our Danish collocation data centres, from both local and international companies. Interxion's interconnectivity is reflected, among other things, by the fact that our network-neutral data centres provide access to 750 network providers, 21 Internet Exchanges and 400 IT and cloud providers.

Data centre security and risk management

Strong and proper security of your company's data and assets has never been more important. The growing demands for data security and the increased threat level place ever greater demands on your data security and management as a company.

At Interxion, first-class security is a vital core area, and our data centres have several redundant systems aimed at securing our 99.999% availability. We also have a wide range of diverse security layers and measures, such as our security personnel and our technical personnel, who are present at our data centres 24/7 every day of the year. Furthermore, our data centres are secured with comprehensive and state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. 

Our team of technicians manages the technical monitoring of our data centres all year round. As an essential part of this monitoring, the industry's most advanced smoke detectors and fire-extinguishing equipment are installed in all our data centres. In addition, our data centres are protected against power failures, as we have a complete fail-safe system for continuously securing both power and cooling.

Datacenter security
Interxion - CPH2 Datacenter

Scalable options

At Interxion you get a future-proof platform. Because if your needs change, for example, in terms of space or connection, we will be ready when you need it. You may find yourself in a situation where you need more space or need a solution that meets your new preferences or connection requirements. Regardless of your problem, we have flexible solutions that can meet your circumstances as they change – whether you are a new or an existing customer.

Sustainable IT solutions with groundwater cooling

Skov og blå himmel

At Interxion Danmark, we use 100% green power

As a leader in the European data centre industry, we strive to lead by example when it comes to environmental responsibility. In Copenhagen, we benefit from a brand new groundwater cooling system. The system contains two reservoirs, 70 metres underground in underground ground water reservoirs. The water in the reservoirs is naturally cooled by the Earth to around 10-11°C.

By pumping cold water from one reservoir to the other through a heat exchanger in the data centre, the cooling ability of the water is utilized while reducing the load on the cooler. The reduced cooling burden results in annual energy savings of more than 1,200 MWh. Besides innovations in engineering and rigorous operations to maximise energy efficiency, Interxion supports and consumes energy from sustainable and low-carbon sources.

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