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Data center Interxion MRS4 – Marseille Campus

Delivery second quarter 2022 
MRS4 will integrate the environmental best practices while supporting cloud, digital media and local businesses - It will support the development of the Marseille hub as a Global Internet hub.

Data Centre Stats

Subsea Cables
Internet Exchanges
CDNs & Content Platforms

MRS4 will strengthen Marseille Interxion Campus, which currently has 3 data centers. With a contemporary design and integrated into its environment, MRS 4 will be located in the immediate vicinity of MRS2 and MRS3 positioned in the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille. MRS4 will offer 6700m2 of equipped IT space and will benefit from the River Cooling solution.

MRS4 will host hyperscale and digital media cloud platforms, connectivity players, as well as local businesses. It will reinforce the development of the Marseille content hub, rank today as the world's 9th largest Internet hub, and aims to be ranked in the Top 5 within 2 years.

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MRS4 will strengthen the Interxion Marseille Campus with 3 data centres.

Position your IT equipment at the heart of an intercontinental content hub. Located in close proximity to the A55, our MRS4 data centre will offer the very latest secure and scalable infrastructure for sensitive IT systems as well as a wide range of connectivity and cloud access solutions. It will integrate the environmental best practices.


Building design

MRS4 will benefit from a modern architecture, integrated on its territory, in the immediate vicinity of MRS2 and MRS3 positioned in the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille: it will be an emblematic site of the entrance to Gate 4. The window stickers will recall the sea, the drilled wood cladding will recall the meerschaum: a search for transparency.



With a design PUE of 1.23, MRS4 will operate according to the most demanding standards in terms of energy efficiency: an eco-responsible building benefiting from the River Cooling solution, 30 times more energy efficient than a conventional cooling solution. The site is committed to an environmental certification process for the building.


Intercontinental content hub

MRS4 will support the development of the Marseille currently ranked as the 9th global Internet Hub with the objective of raising the city to 5th position within two years. It will be the ideal location to access a vibrant community of customers: over 160 connectivity providers, 6 IXPs, 15 CDNs and digital media, cloud leaders, enterprises and IT service providers.

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This Marseille expansion is a perfect example of how we can quickly deploy custom, automated infrastructure to nearly any market in the world,” said Zachary Smith, CEO at Packet. “As we work with innovative clients like Hatch to push services ever closer to the edge, Interxion continues to be a valuable partner that aligns perfectly with our needs.

Zachary Smith, CEO


At Yahoo, we are continuously improving our performance to serve more than a billion Yahoo users globally. We select strategic locations for our edge locations such as Vienna and Marseille, which gives us the ability to serve our users more reliably, faster and cheaper.


CenturyLink has built out a dense metro fibre footprint in Marseille, creating a ring that spans major business districts and connects the city's core data centres. This network expansion in MRS2 will provide CenturyLink customers with local and international high-speed connectivity services from Interxion's data centres. It will also facilitate direct and secure connectivity to enterprises by means of the metropolitan ring that spans major business districts.


Colocation also allowed Shadow the flexibility to grow its infrastructure to close the gap between even more users. The company expanded to Interxion’s Marseille campus, one of the world’s most dynamic content hubs, connected through more than 14 submarine cable systems. As part of our expansion strategy, we want to be closer to our French users, especially in the south. But it also [offered] us the capacity to reach Spain, Italy and maybe Greece,” said Jérôme Arnaud, 

Group CEO at Shadow

Marseille Information


40 Avenue Roger Salengro 13003, France
Phone: +33 1 53 56 36 10

Enceinte Portuaire, Porte 4 13015, France
Phone: +33 1 53 56 36 10

Enceinte Portuaire, Porte 4 13015, France
Phone: +33 1 53 56 36 10

Enceinte Portuaire, Porte 4 13015, France
Phone: +33 1 53 56 36 10