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Your gateway to Europe and Russia

The Nordics are quickly becoming world leading connectivity hubs thanks to a combination of highly connected infrastructure, ideal geography, low carbon footprints and welcoming business environments that make them ideal for your data centre and interconnection needs.

Interxion’s data centres across the Nordics are ideal interconnection hubs in the region, providing carrier neutral data centre services and high-density interconnection between more than 100 carriers, ISPs, internet exchanges and CDNs, all connected into some of the most network-ready countries in the world, and uniquely connected to both Western Europe and Russia.

These technical advantages are underscored by The Nordics’ easy access to the lowest cost renewable energy in the world and their pioneering sustainability initiatives.

Interxion data centres take full advantage of these opportunities by powering our entire Nordic portfolio with hydro power and giving you the lowest possible carbon footprint while providing the best possible platform for interconnection and exchange with Europe and Russia.

Whether you’re an enterprise, cloud and content provider or government that’s looking to land your business and your data in the world’s smartest city, Europe’s easiest city to do business or one of the world’s most sustainable cities, The Nordics are an ideal hub with Interxion.

Data Centre Stats

Data Centres

Networking ready

Both Denmark and Sweden are becoming a centre for hyper-scale data centres, with data-heavy businesses attracted by new transatlantic submarine cables including the new AEC-2 transatlantic cable directly connecting Denmark with the US, high density domestic networks and, from Copenhagen, the ability to reach 80% of European GDP in less than 25 milliseconds (RTD).

Stockholm serves as a gateway to the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia. The connectivity landscape around Stockholm is fast developing with new subsea cables like CelixConnect and Easternlight. Denmark is also developing into a gateway connecting the Nordics with the rest of Europe, UK and North America. Multiple subsea cables around Denmark makes it possible to reach Norway to the North, Sweden to Northeast and Amsterdam to the south and the European countries beyond.

A sustainable hub

The Nordic region leads the world in low cost, sustainable energy and Interxion data centres take full advantage of the opportunities that brings. All of Interxion’s Nordic data centres are 100% powered by hydro-power, the cleanest electricity source available, allowing us to guarantee that services are always sustainable and low cost.

Our Nordic data centres are also part of pioneering initiatives to further ensure we offer the most sustainable service possible, including Sweden’s Open District Heating Initiative which uses excess heat from our data centres to be able heat 10,000 modern households in Stockholm.

Subsea Cables in the Nordic Region



Significant investment in Stockholm’s connectivity has seen it become the connectivity hub of the Nordics and a strategic gateway, connecting western Europe to the rapidly growing Internet economies of Russia, the Baltics and beyond. Our recent Data Gravity report revealed the city has become a data hub for financial services businesses in the Nordics and pioneers like Telia & Ericsson have driven Stockholm to launch one of the world’s first 5G networks and become global networking capital.

Stockholm Fact File

  • 975,900 population
  • €145.7 bn GDP
  • Key industries: ICT, life science, clean tech, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, creative industries, fintech, automation, logistics
  • 125 Network service providers
  • 60 Global networks
  • 55% of global internet traffic
  • 8 Internet Exchanges
  • 1,000+ G of IX traffic



Denmark is the best country in the world to set up and conduct business, and Copenhagen is rapidly becoming a leading centre for data exchange thanks to a strong connected community. Located just above Germany, Copenhagen is just a 14 MS RTD from Frankfurt and less than 25 milliseconds (RTD) from 80 percent of Europe’s GDP. It’s an ideal landing point for any global business.

Copenhagen Fact File

  • 794,000 population
  • €122.2 bn GDP
  • Key industries: life sciences, ICT, clean tech, construction + smart cities, food, finances, logistics
  • More than 50 Network service providers
  • More than 15 Global networks
  • 22% of global internet traffic
  • 5 Internet Exchanges
  • 90 G of IX traffic