A new digital era: Interxion Belgium becomes Digital Realty

A strong legacy, a bold future.

Founded in Belgium in 1999, Interxion is heading for an exciting new chapter toward the future: a new digital era as Digital Realty.

Digital Realty has evolved with the changing digital world and understands the importance of unlocking the potential of data. With this in mind, our visual identity has been modernized and we are unifying our global brands. Our new brand will reflect this shift to redefine PlatformDIGITAL® and our more than 300 data centers as “a meeting place for business and data”. By merging our various brands, we are taking a big step toward becoming a unified global company while maintaining that important local presence and expertise for our customers in the countries where we operate.

We begin rebranding Interxion to Digital Realty as we continue to unite under our new purpose, which is: Bringing businesses and data together, in bold new ways, to drive the innovation that defines our future.


Meeting place for businesses and data

Part of our DNA is to be a safe and open meeting place for all business, technologies and data – in all shapes and sizes, from all types of industries; a trusted environment where companies collaborate and innovate with data. Through our global data platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, we provide a meeting place. A place where companies and partners can go faster and further, invent the unseen, and expand around the world.

We believe we are entering a new era of innovation with the connection and exchange of not only processes and people, but also data. Data has the

superpower to move us all forward, and data collaboration is poised to unleash the next wave of intelligence that will shape our future.

Realizing the added value of data requires a meeting place for businesses, technologies and data. A meeting place where data-generated innovation can be unlocked; and when that happens, we believe the possibilities for the next generation can be endless.

Our new logo represents this space; a place that is safe and secure, yet open and flexible. A logo that embodies the collaboration and partnerships essential to pushing our own world forward – truly a place where tomorrow comes together.