e-Money provides next-generation blockchain technology through Interxion’s data centre

The Danish fintech start-up e-Money's vision is to shape tomorrow's transaction infrastructure with blockchain technology. Their customers make transfers worldwide, in real time, in their own currency and without transaction fees.

e-Money provides next

According to e-Money's founder and CEO Martin Dyring-Andersen, the right data centre partner is a key factor when working within and delivering digital financial services. Interxion, with its digital ecosystem located in the data centre, is a strategically important enabler for e-Money's fintech start-up model in building scalable solutions that enable next-generation blockchain technology.

By choosing AWS Direct Connect through Interxion, e-Money can establish private and public environments on a stable and secure connection. In addition, the connection to the AWS Cloud with AWS Direct Connect via Interxion provides important cost advantages over international network connections.


  • Establish partnerships with a data centre provider that enables e-Money to build a scalable solution for next-generation blockchain technology.
  • Unite traditional currencies with new technology
  • Build a scalable solution on top of the existing bank infrastructure to get both the customers 'and the banks' confidence right from the start
  • Get a flexible and scalable IT environment in a secure and well-connected place that meets every need while their business grows
  • Direct connection to AWS Cloud


  • Access to an open digital ecosystem that adds strategic importance to the development of the company today and in the future
  • Direct connection to AWS Cloud with AWS Direct Connect from Interxion's data centre
  • Ability to place hardware security modules directly in the data centre to maximize security
  • Access to the highest industry standard for highest security and processes 24/7
  • Access to leading European internet hubs
  • A flexible and scalable IT environment to accelerate and support the company's potential

Through our collaboration with Interxion, we can grow our business today and tomorrow. With their open ecosystem of IT players, we can connect directly to AWS Direct Connect and AWS Cloud and also connect to other services whenever needed. In addition, Interxion's level of security, attention to detail and security processes is absolutely best on the market and their European presence enables our company to expand across markets when it's time to do it.

Martin Dyring-Andersen

CEO and Founder of e-Money

About e-Money

e-Money's goal is to shape tomorrow's transaction infrastructure using blockchain technology. Their goal is to offer an open, free and accessible account where account holders can store in currencies as desired. They also want to make global transactions digital, secure and in real-time.