Country – Germany

Kerstin Halm

Senior Manager HR

Kerstin Halm joined Interxion: A Digital Realty Company in 2018 as a Senior HR Advisor and held the role of HR Manager from April 2020 to March 2021. She was promoted to Senior HR Manager in April 2021.

She is responsible for all HR-related activities and projects, as well as providing top-level guidance to the German team key on achieving their ambitious growth targets. In addition, Kerstin’s expertise lies in the further development of the management organisation and culture, ongoing professionalisation of organisational and HR development, talent management, employer branding, and recruitment.

Together with the wider team, Kerstin advises the management team on matters relating to the strategic involved of HR in business-related activities and is an active participant in the works council.

Prior to joining Interxion, Kerstin completed an apprenticeship as a hotel manager. In 2017, she passed the exam to become a HR Manager (IHK) and has already worked in HR departments for a number of medium-sized companies.