Metro Connect

Interxion now provides additional reliable, low latency and ultra-fast connectivity between the Schiphol campus, the Science Park campus and the Amstel Business Park campus, delivered as 100 Gbps DWDM wavelength services or dark fiber services. 

Furthermore, Interxion integrated the President Campus via Ethernet services to all other facilities. This additional service gives you access to 200+ Network Service Providers via the Interxion Metro Connect product.

With our Metro Connect Managed Wave product you get a full managed service with diverse fiber protection and switchover or choose Metro Connect Fiber with full bandwidth availability and your choice in determining the protocol used.


Choose the best Metro Connect Solutions for your enterprise

  • 3 business day installation
  • month to month terms
  • Cross connect on site on both end

Metro Connect - Fibre
Fibre is a dedicated single-mode dark fibre solution and can be purchased as a single route or redundant routes.

Metro Connect - Manage Wave
Uses DWDM technology and Ethernet protocol to support connections over diverse fibre paths providing security, reliability and cost efficiency.

Why choose metro connect?

network cost
Reduce network cost
network latency
Lower network latency
3-business day installation
Provide redundancy option
Provide bandwidth flexibility
Link to multiple deployments


Metro Connect Locations

The Metro Connect product is part of the wider Cross Connect product suite, which connects customers between Interxion Data Centers within a metropolitan area. They enable reliable connectivity directly to your partners, suppliers and other Interxion customers who are present in Data Centers further than 2km fiber distance from one another, helping you to reduce network costs and to lower network latency, without using public network.


Amsterdam Metro Connect



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Metro Connect Factsheet

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Metro Connect FAQs

What is Metro Connect?

Our Metro Connect provides managed point-to-point connectivity between facilities within the same metro area, which gives you the ability to link multiple deployments and reach additional provider ecosystems.

Where is Metro Connect Available?

Metro Connect products provide connectivity between our Amsterdam datacenter campuses in Schiphol, Science Park datacenter campus and Hoofddorp Datacenter.

Can Metro Connect be ordered online?

The ordering of Cross Connects through the Customer Portal will save you time, enhance your ordering experience and qualifies the Cross Connect for SLAs.

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