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Measuring the intensity of Data Gravity and its effect on Global 2000 Enterprises

Data Gravity Index DGx

32 new metros (Jakarta, Rome, Melbourne, Atlanta, etc.)

Industries insights (including banking/finance, retail, pharma, etc.)

New global forecasts (including processing, storage and CAGR)

The Data Creation Lifecycle and Macro Trends of Data Gravity

In this 10-minute TED-talk Style video, Tony Bishop (SVP of Platform, Growth and Marketing) provides insights on what creates and intensifies the Data Gravity megatrend.

The 10-year Journey to Quantifying Data Gravity

The 10-year Journey to Quantifying Data Gravity

Dave McCrory (VP of Growth and Global Head of Insights & Analytics) discusses his discovery of Data Gravity and the multi-year research journey that followed.

Executive Summary: Data Gravity Index DGx™ Key Highlights

Executive Summary

 Data Gravity Index DGx™ Key Highlights

Data Gravity Index Media Kit

Data Gravity Index Media Kit

Available for download

Macro Trends Amplifying Data Gravity

Enterprise Data Stewardship

Enterprise Data Stewardship

The enterprise is fast becoming the world’s data steward

By 2025, 80% of data worldwide will reside in enterprises

Increases the volume of data that needs to be aggregated and stored

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Globalisation is driving corporate M&A to achieve scale

M&A Volumes are expected to return to pre-Covid levels in 2021

Increases # of data sources participating in data exchange

Digital-Enabled Interactions

Digital-Enabled Interactions

Increasing digitization of enterprise workflows

Digitally-enabled interactions rank 2x greater importance vs physical interactions

Increases enterprise data exchange volumes globally

Data Localization

Data Localization

Expanding legal and regulatory policies requiring local data storage

By 2022, 87% of IT leaders will maintain local copies of customer and transaction data for compliance

Increases # of enterprise locations of data aggregation



Integration of physical and digital security systems to improve enterprise cybersecurity

By 2023, 70% of security products will integrate IT-OT-IOT systems

Increases types and volumes of data creation & exchange

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Our team of experts includes Dave McCrory (who invented the Data Gravity concept and spent years developing the formula) and other Data Gravity and IT Infrastructure experts. You have questions, and our team is prepared to provide you with answers. No matter your location around the world, our experts based in NA and EMEA look forward to connecting with you.


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