AI-ready infrastructure powered by Nvidia and Core Scientific

Together with Core Scientific and NVIDIA, we enable enterprises with AI-ready infrastructure, to localise data and solve the global coverage, capacity and connectivity needs of deploying AI at scale. Partnering with Core Scientific and NVIDIA, this solution offering is built for AI from the ground-up.

Deployed through our PlatformDIGITALTM Data Hub featuring NVIDIA’s DGX A100TM system - the world's first 5 petaFLOPS AI compute system – combined with Core Scientific Plexus™ software, this leading solution provides Data Scientists and MLOps teams with a single pane of glass across their environment. This helps to significantly reduce the complexity, cost and time it takes to train and tune models.

For a limited time, we are offering the opportunity to experience this world-class AI capability with a free test drive located in our London Digital Docklands campus. The test drive will provide the following:

• Ability to test and evaluate a colocated DGX setup including the Plexus AI PaaS for two weeks
• Opportunity to use your own data sets, already residing in our facilities, or use dummy data supplied by Core Scientific.

Core scientific deep learning platform

The collaboration between Interxion, Core Scientific and NVIDIA offers customers a simplified, cost-effective AI platform that streamlines access to NVIDIA DGX POD infrastructure with data science workflow tools in world-class environments optimised for enterprise AI development.

Who is eligible?
If your company already has data within the Interxion colocation facilities, have or are planning an active AI practice or are planning to move to colocation to enable your AI setup, please completely the form above and we will be in touch to discuss the test drive.

Core Scientific Logo

About Core Scientific

Core Scientific is a leader in infrastructure and software solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. As a data science innovator, Core Scientific understands how AI is changing the way information is processed, stored and shared across industries.

Our partnership with Core Scientific represents an innovative collaboration between industry leaders to tackle the AI infrastructure challenges impacting today’s modern enterprises.

Plexus – Platform-as-a-Service

Combing leading edge hardware with the rich feature set of the Plexus software stack, Core Scientific's Cloud for Data Scientists™ offers access to a co-located AI Platform-as-a-Service (AI PaaS).

Customers that host their data lakes in co-location facilities can take advantage of this roof local service bringing the AI cloud experience to your data.


NVIDIA DGX™ A100 is the universal system for all AI workloads, offering unprecedented compute density, performance, and flexibility in the world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system.

Interxion provides a fully NVIDIA-certified environment to successfully run AI workloads.

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Businesses are under a lot of pressure to get their AI strategies right. 90% of organisations see IT infrastructure and access to talent as the leading challenges. When it comes to combating these challenges the technology and infrastructure required to support it are unique and complex. Review our content below to enable your High-Performance Computing ICT.