Scan Business – AI Integration at Interxion London

Interxion is a DGX data centre ready partner. NVIDIA recognises that Interxion London is able to handle the high-performance computing (HPC) GPU loads with the kind of deep learning applications that key industries are looking to deploy. By working with Scan Business, our NVIDIA Channel Partner, our expert AI teams are able to deliver optimised solutions for your industry-specific, accelerated supercomputer requirements.

Our Try and Buy Sessions utilize NVIDIA DGX – 1GPU supercomputers, and are available for an agreed time period for your organisation to evaluate the technology with your own data scientists.

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Whether CIOs want to buy their own Deep Learning platform and install in their own racks or work with a systems integrator to access that compute as a service, Interxion London is the ideal partner with the best execution venue available. With High-Density power, 16 Financial Exchanges and key on-ramps to the public cloud players, (AWS, Azure, and GCP) it is convenient to use our Central London Campus for HPC configuration and deployment.

About Scan Business and DGX servers

As an Elite NVIDIA partner, Scan Business offers the full range of the DGX systems - DGX Station, the DGX-1 and the DGX-2. In this video Carlo Ruiz, Head of AI Data Center Solutions at NVIDIA talks about the DGX family and how they can be deployed across multiple industries.

Configure, Cluster, and accelerate Deep Learning performance to your GPU environment with DGX-1:

  • Enjoy faster and more accurate training of neutral networks
  • Leverage X8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 cards, delivering 4X faster training speeds
  • DGX-1 delivers up to 960 teraFLOPs at half-precision (FP16), saving time and spend
  • Built for purpose AI analytics
  • 1 DGX-1 = 250 conventional CPU servers
  • Enhance performance with DGX-1 Cluster set up via Infiniban EDR ports and 10Gb Ethernet ports

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