Internet Exchanges

We host more Internet exchanges than any other network-neutral data centre provider in Europe, partnering with over 20 exchange providers and offering more than 3,000 peering opportunities.

What is an Internet Exchange?

The Internet is the sum of all the individual networks around the world that interconnect to allow their users to exchange information with each other. These networks transfer data in one of two ways:

  • IP Transit: A network operator pays to use the network of another operator to exchange Internet traffic.
  • Peering: Two network operators agree to exchange traffic with one another for free.

Internet exchanges are locations that allow network operators to peer with one another. They are nearly always located in carrier-neutral data centres, where network operators can securely colocate in immediate proximity to the exchange’s IT infrastructure.

How to connect to an Internet Exchange?

You can connect with an Internet Exchange by colocating in the same data centre as the Exchange’s infrastructure, and then requesting a connection to the Exchange.

In addition Interxion offer a Remote Peering service, enabling on demand connections to Exchanges located at other Interxion locations.


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Internet Exchanges at Interxion

One of the most effective ways to minimise latency and cost is through peering - the direct exchange of IP traffic between two networks. You can peer by joining an Internet exchange.

The following leading Internet Exchanges are present at Interxion sites:

Internet Exchange Long Name Location
AMS-IX Amsterdam Internet Exchange Amsterdam
Asteroid Asteroid Amsterdam Internet Exchange Amsterdam
BNIX Belgian Internet Exchange Brussels
DE-CIX Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Frankfurt
DE-CIX Dusseldorf Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Dusseldorf
DE-CIX Marseille Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Marseille
DE-CIX Madrid Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Madrid
DIX Danish Internet Exchange Copenhagen
ECIX European Commercial Internet Exchange Dusseldorf
ESpanix Espana Internet Exchange Madrid
FranceIX FranceIX Paris
FranceIX Marseille FranceIX Marseille Marseille
INEX Internet Neutral Exchange Association Dublin
LINX London Internet Exchange London
LONAP London Network Access Point London
NDIX Netherlands-Duitse Internet Exchange Amsterdam, Dusseldorf
NetIX NetIX Amsterdam, Madrid, Marseille, Stockholm, Vienna
NetNod Netnod Internet Exchange Stockholm, Copenhagen
NL-IX Netherlands Internet Exchange Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Marseille, Vienna, Zurich Vienna
SFINX Service for French Internet eXchange Paris
SOX Serbian Open Exchange Vienna
STHIX Stockholm Internet Exchange Stockholm, Copenhagen
SwissIX Swiss Internet Exchange Zurich
VIX Vienna Internet Exchange Vienna