Lokal Azure Stack ger det bästa av två världar

Microsoft has had great success with the launch of its public cloud platform Azure. To meet the need for local data storage, not least from the public sector, Microsoft has launched the private edition of the service called Azure Stack. As one of the first system integrators in Sweden, Evry has been selected as a partner to Azure Stack and they now offer local access to the service from Interxion's data center in Stockholm. 

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of operating their IT infrastructure and applications through cloud services, not least in light of the flexibility and scalability provided by the services. The trend is confirmed by Gartner, who points out that IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the most growing IT area, and in 2017 the market grew by as much as  36.6 percent  where one of the most popular public cloud services on the market is Microsoft Azure.

At the same time, many organizations, not least government agencies and other public organizations, would like to take advantage of a cloud-based IT infrastructure today, but are hindered by various security aspects where not least the requirement for data to be stored in Sweden is often a deciding factor. .

This is something that EVRY IT service company  has fixed. As one of the first companies in Sweden, the company has installed a local version of Microsoft's cloud service Azure Stack, which is available from EVRY's data center at Interxion in Akalla.  

The data is stored in Sweden

- For EVRY's customers, they mean they can benefit from Azure; such as security, automation, self-service and a pricing model where you pay for what you really use. But with the big difference that users of Azure Stack are guaranteed that all services and applications that run on the private cloud service as well as all data produced are stored locally in Sweden, says Pontus Carling, strategic adviser for cloud services at EVRY

In addition, the data center where Azure Stack is implemented as such guarantees security and operational stability. Interxion's data center outside Stockholm is ISO-SOC2 certified and has a high level of physical security with for example both guards, identity control and several different laws of physical security. In addition, the data center infrastructure, such as power supply, backup power and operator neutrality, guarantees that IT services are constantly available.

Optimize hybrid cloud operations in a common interface

Although an organization has requirements for local data storage in Sweden, this does not mean that all applications and all data fall under those requirements. Some parts can usually be found in the public version of Microsoft Azure. Customers of EVRY in the company's data center in Stockholm can easily use a hybrid solution of Azure where some parts are handled in Azure Stack locally, while other parts can be deployed in the public version directly connected in the data center via the Interxion service Cloud Connect .

The two versions of Azure have the same technical platform and the same interface as well as essentially the same service offering. All in all, it facilitates the management of IT and application operations significantly, and if necessary, data can be easily transferred between the various services.

- EVRY, whose vision is to create digital benefits for government and business, will invest in a local Azure Stack to provide more opportunities to take advantage of the cloud's capabilities - with increased flexibility, scalability and security as a result, Pontus Carling concludes.

evryEVRY, vars vision är att skapa digitala fördelar för myndigheter och företag, kommer med satsningen på en lokal Azure Stack att ge fler möjligheten att dra nytta av molnets möjligheter – med ökad flexibilitet, skalbarhet och säkerhet som resultat

Pontus Carling