Public cloud connectivity made easy for KMD's customers

A long-term provider of IT solutions to Denmark's public sector, KMD also counts private-sector companies throughout the Nordics among its customers. They all come to KMD for its experience in delivering complex IT projects, its expertise in digitalisation, and its ability to build hybrid cloud solutions.

The Challenge

For KMD and its public sector customers, digitalisation — incorporating automation and self-service — is a way to meet the challenge of doing more with less budget and fewer resources. Facing similar challenges, private sector companies also look to digital transformation to boost efficiency, innovation and competitiveness.

The Solution

What KMD's customers increasingly want is hybrid cloud solutions. They're looking for the flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiencies of public cloud, combined with the data sovereignty assurances of private infrastructure. KMD's long association with the Danish public sector gives customers confidence in the company's ability to build secure, effective cloud solutions.

For the public cloud connectivity that's critical to hybrid clouds, KMD partners with Interxion. "Interxion's Cloud Connect service is an enabler for our hybrid cloud solutions," says Boeberg. "It gives us a fast, easy, secure way to connect our customers directly to multiple public clouds such as Azure, AWS, Oracle, IBM and others."

"We work with Interxion in many different ways to ensure our customers get the right solution for their particular needs, Cloud Connect is a vital piece of the hybrid cloud jigsaw."

Poul Erik BoebergService & Solution Executive, KMD

About KMD

KMD is a leading supplier of mission-critical software, solutions and IT services primarily to Denmark’s public sector, but with a growing footprint in the private sector both domestically and in Sweden and Norway. As well as offering packaged applications to meet payroll, workforce management and other defined needs, KMD works creatively and collaboratively with customers on individual solutions. It draws on a wealth of IT consultancy, development, implementation, operation, maintenance and support skills; as well as partnerships with Microsoft, SAP and other technology companies.