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Thrive in Challenging Times with AI

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Hosted by Nvidia, Scan International and Interxion


In unprecedented times, many businesses are seeing heightened urgency in transforming to survive an increasingly challenging economic environment. Enterprises are looking to protect customer loyalty, reduce costs everywhere possible and create distance from competitors.

AI is uniquely poised to help in all these areas, but operationalising AI requires a data and infrastructure strategy that’s enterprise-ready – however, 76% of businesses see infrastructure as a blocker to AI success.

So how do you weather the turbulence and use AI to thrive in challenging times?

Join Tony, Patrick, and Ivan for a 40 minute best practice update, where you will learn:

  • Why infrastructure is a core component of AI & digital transformation & why that matters
  • What infrastructure is needed to support AI projects at scale across today’s Enterprise.
  • Pros and cons of cloud, on-prem and colocation infrastructure deployment for AI at scale.
  • Pitfalls when transitioning AI projects to a new infrastructure
  • How to get started with NVIDIA accelerated compute in colocation