Tampnet Provides Alternate Routes for Business Growth

26 May 2020

As the speed of commerce continues to increase and the world economy links across borders, it’s more important than ever for businesses to communicate with minimal downtime. Interxion strives to create avenues for customers to take advantage of the growing global digital economy. To help customers expand their bases, Interxion partnered with Tampnet, a leading carrier which speeds communication through its transatlantic fibre network to connect 30 vital data centres in Europe and the US.

Tampnet’s mission revolves around providing connectivity, capacity, and speed in milliseconds – data transfer with minimum delay – without compromising quality and reliability. As such, the company prides itself in providing businesses access to unique, alternative routes that allow customers to avoid congested pre-existing connections, speeding data between major hubs. By purposefully building routes between cities with thriving economies, Tampnet ensures businesses can effectively communicate with vital partners across the continent, with little to no delay.

 Connecting the Nordics to London

With this in mind, one of Tampnet’s central goals is to connect growing economies in the Nordic region to the rest of Europe, opening opportunities for customers to expand their base beyond headquarters. Traditionally, data traveling between these cities would have to pass from Stockholm, to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam and then to London. Each of these hubs processes thousands of Gbits daily, resulting in high traffic that slows down the network and increases downtime. Tampnet knew they could do better and decided to establish a new unique route between Stockholm and London. 

To do this, it was critical for Tampnet to work with a powerful colocation partner that already existed in the two hubs. After vetting its options, it was obvious to Tampnet that Interxion was the only data centre provider with the local expertise and knowledge required to succeed in these markets. Tampnet’s subsea route travels from Stockholm, through Oslo and other parts of Norway, to London, avoiding unnecessary points of congestion in Hamburg and Copenhagen. Tampnet’s ultra-low-latency route between London and Stockholm is the fastest on the market today, at a speed of 19.8ms, enabling customers to connect quickly through these regions.

The partnership between Tampnet and Interxion opened up new possibilities for customers in these two locations, and that was just the beginning.

Optimising Danish Connection

Most recently, Tampnet saw an opportunity for an alternative route between Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Over the last several years Copenhagen has grown into a critical interconnection point between the Nordics and mainland Europe, traditionally connecting to Amsterdam through Hamburg. In order to meet additional needs for alternative high-speed routes, Tampnet planned to establish a direct connection between Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The company’s exceptional relationship with Interxion made the choice of data centre partner easy. The collaborative nature of their partnership assured Tampnet that Interxion’s Copenhagen site was a smart choice. Tampnet established a new route via the Cobra Cable, a new energy interconnector between Esbjerg in Denmark and Eemshaven in The Netherlands, which follows a completely unique subsea route to avoid all existing connections between the two countries.  

Not only does the Cobra Cable speed connection by avoiding traffic at interconnections, the routes are faster than pre-existing routes. Customers experience ultra-low latency from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, under 9ms (leading latency has been 11.5ms). Customers can also follow a route from Copenhagen to London in 13.8ms (leading latency has been 16.7ms).

Partners with a Shared Vision

Interxion and Tampnet’s symbiotic relationship leverages their shared expertise to provide customers with invaluable alternative routes, with low latency and secure connection. Not only does the partnership currently serve Interxion customers, collaboration between the two companies provides additional insight to power their mutual future growth. Together, Interxion gains a deeper understanding of potential regions to build future hubs and Tampnet learns which regions are most valuable to enterprises.

“The engagement and collaboration we have with Interxion sets them apart. We’re sitting together at every possible opportunity and looking to see how we can each add value to the other. That circle ultimately benefits customers,” said Peter Hartlow, Sales Director for Tampnet.

In total, Tampnet has built alternate connections between five Interxion hubs, providing unmatched value to joint customers. As Interxion and Tampnet work together to pinpoint the most valuable locations for growth, customers can grow alongside the two companies, reaching new markets on alternative high performing, low-latency routes.

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