The new era of connectivity for Enterprises

Author: Mitesh Chauhan, Senior Product Manager, Interxion

While once an ethereal ‘thing’ that enterprises could tap into, or a buzzword bandied about by diehard technology professionals, cloud technology has heralded a new era of connectivity for enterprises. Whether you’re a hedge fund managing thousands of trades a day, or a software organisation supporting remote working in disparate parts of the country, the cloud is a force to be reckoned with in today’s digital age. It’s fast becoming a staple for any company wanting to be agile, always-on and ahead of the curve.

According to 451 Group, 90% of companies are currently using the cloud in some way. Cisco has gone further to predict that by 2021, cloud data centres will process 94% of companies’ workloads. So it’s perhaps no surprise that, in light of recent increased remote working habits, the cloud has become somewhat of an unsung hero. CNBC reported that Microsoft shares jumped 7% as a result of an increasing number of people using its online services when working from home. What’s more, the company has seen a 775% increase in demand for its cloud services (inclusive of MS Teams) over the last couple of months as employees take advantage of cloud technologies to stay connected to one another.

The Software Defined Solution 

Whichever way you look at it, cloud is here and it’s here to stay. And as enterprises of all size and sector continue to migrate business critical workloads into the cloud (i.e. for production, development, back-up purposes; cloud based scalability and resilience), it is essential that the management of these cloud providers is supported with a scalable, secure Software Defined Network (SDN) solution. Doing so enables flexible, high speed data transfer, allowing the enterprise to manage highly diverse multi-cloud ICT environments, whatever the scenario.

This is why, at Interxion, we’re constantly innovating in order to provide customers with the data centre and connectivity solutions they require to power always-on, low latency and high performance platforms, products and services. Our best is what we can provide next, broadening our portfolio in line with customers needs and painpoints.

If you’re currently an Interxion customer, you may be familiar with our Cloud Connect proposition. As our bespoke cloud service, it enables enterprises to make secure, bandwidth-flexible, private VLAN connections to multiple cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. With Cloud Connect, you get a private fast lane into the cloud while being able to scale connectivity quickly without additional physical connections or provisioning time.

That fast lane is about to become a lot quicker. In our continued efforts to offer you the best connectivity options for your business, we’re announcing that enterprises can now establish connectivity to Google Cloud Platform via our Cloud Connect proposition and London data centre campus. Through Interxion Cloud Connect, enterprises can now establish a connection to any of these cloud platforms and more – Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM and Oracle – in a matter of minutes, anywhere into Europe, to support all of your ongoing multi-cloud operations. Enterprises can also benefit from secure, scalable in real time, performant connectivity,  though Interxion  Software Defined  platfrom, whilst keeping costs and complexity low.

Cloud Connections increase 40%

Our new and improved ‘cloud data highway’ will be particularly transformative for those London-based enterprises that have chosen Interxion based on the wide range of connectivity options available – including direct access to liquidity venues, market data vendors, leading connectivity providers and internet exchanges. At Interxion London, we’ve already seen a 40% increase in cloud connectivity connections via our Interxion Cloud Connect service across core Financial Services and Enterprise clients. We’re excited to see how enterprises will enjoy the new benefits we’ve added to Cloud Connect – whether that’s creating a hybrid networking architecture, interconnecting mission-critical trading infrastructure to cloud platforms, or moving from one cloud to the next in a matter of minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Cloud Connect proposition, and how our London data centre campus is well-placed to meet all of your infrastructure and connectivity needs, do get in touch!